Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Peace of Mind!!!

Innocence is the beauty that has a different outlook towards everything that it touches upon, be it the simplest thing in the world or the most complex matters that a mature mind might escape. It has its own definition and its own way of expressing and nurturing the beauty that lies within everything, that has been created by the Almighty.
Children are the beholders of innocence, though it also embraces those who know the real meaning of living life in the best way possible. Even in our blog world , I've come across people who believe in celebrating each day of their life wrapped up in the mesmerising experience of joy, love, peace and tranquility!
Life is not so complicated as we tend to make it , if life has a share of problems, it also has a chunk of joy, but what we tend to do is, to give our sorrows much more importance and forget that life turns a new page for each one of us.The innocence of ones thoughts, the experience of peace, a simple gaze at the beauty that envelopes our world and the ability of looking at the world through the thoughts of a little one, bring out the real taste of life, one that we have long forgotten.
Everything comes with a price, and the price of sheer joy and peace is a simple exchange of warmth...the warmth that lights up the world around us and takes our mind towards tranquility :)

Blessed are those whose innocent eyes,
can touch upon the real and sublime,
since beauty is not what one can always see,
its a thought that lights up our destiny.
So brighten your world with a thought divine,
just look at life with a peaceful mind :)


Ayesha Parveen said...

In the Bible, God says : "Be still, and know that I am God."

If we trust Him, we will have peace deep within us even when life is difficult.

Thank you, Sana, for your inspiring post :)

Shadow said...

hiya, and thank you for your visit. i love your post here. children, innocence, there's no denying that!

Laura said...

Great post and a good reminder to slow down and enjoy living..like children do. I think having 5 children has kept me young, joyful and enthusiastic...for how can I be anything but, when they bring such enthusiasm and joy to everyday simple living.
Love and Light to you,

issam said...

Innocence... True beauty ... Nice... :)

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Hello "New beginning",

Let your days be new every day, who wrote this post, that make everyone reading this think about "small" "natural" "divine" things..


A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ayesha (thanks for the wonderful quote from the Bible), Shadow (thanks for coming by, do come again :)),Laura(You are indeed a Blessed Mother, lOVE AND lIGHT TO U 2),Issam,and Kiran thank you guya for your warm comments, its what you share makes my posts all the more valuable:)