Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark your present for a great future!

What is it that we want to achieve in life? Some of us know the answer to this question and some would like to stay mum; or is it that life takes us wherever it wants to, when the passage of time runs at its chosen pace. Tough question and a recurrent reminder of the fact that whether we choose or we don't, life does has its own plans. Its not that we should stop working towards our goals leaving everything on destiny, but the fact is even those who cannot carve out a definite goal in life should keep working on whatever they are doing, life would definately mould their endeavours and would take them towards a stable platform.
As kids we all had our goals , some wanted to become doctors, some wanted to become a teacher, since while playing with friends, becoming a teacher and writing on a board with a nice white piece of chalk, seemed to be the most exciting activity in the world. I still remember, how my younger brother longed to be a gardener, so that he could use the lawn mower, without being shouted at by dad and then three years later a basketball player and finally a doctor, and now when I see him doing his grad in commerce, I can here the call of a new found goal :)
So life takes u-turns, goes through the highs and lows, there are some who get a good grip on their goals and make a breakthrough by achieveing them, but every human being cannot be the same, after all God has made each one of us uniquely different! :)
The best way of living life is to make the best of the here and now, plan for the future but give your best to your present, when our present becomes strong, it backs our future with great strength and makes it successfully stable.
So, this is for all those who get worried about not having definite goals in life. Live each moment as it comes and give it your best, a day would come when your hard work would open several doors for you to choose from and thats when you would be able to grab the best for yourself..a new found goal and a new meaning of life.
In the current scenario we are running so fast, that all that we think of is to ensure a better future, but our today gets neglected in the neverending marathon. Its good to think about the future , but its even more important to value each moment of life without neglecting it.
If we do not have a happy today and make no efforts to brighten it up, how would we ever have a happy tomorrow!
Life is a book in which each page has something interesting, that leads to the last few pages where the actual plans are unveiled. Its about turning a new page each time with renewed enthusiasm and interest!


KParthasarathi said...

Having a happy today and working concurrently for a goal for tomorrow are not mutually exclusive.There should be a balance;it cannot be all enjoyment of the moment to the detriment of the future,Sana

SindhuBhairavi said...

sorry dear that i cant always comment.. a bit too busy these days.. but all the time i visit here i see an optimistic post.. sharing joy and happines.. at times some concerns.. but the common factor in all are a kind of innocence and closeness, and am sure its a part of you..

this too was a sweet one.. keep writing..

take care....

-=A.R.N.=- said...


To say what I said in my previous post:
You don’t always need a plan, and things won’t always go according to the one you make.

But that's not a bad thing because you know its always gonna go according to His Plan.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mr. K.P.I agree with u:)
Hi Sindhu, whenever u'd visit I'll be very happy. Thanks so much for visitn even when ure so busy!Thanks a lot:)
Hi ARN (Sorry I dont kw ur name) Thanks so much for yes thats very true, you stay calm and happy because u know that everything wud go according to His plans..thats what faith is all about..never lose hold o ur faith in life:)

-=A.R.N.=- said...


My name is Abdul Rahman Noor; its a bit too long for most ppl - hence ARN

manivannan said...

Hi sana :) I agree with you, when we are fully aware and give our best in the present moment, life will take care of the goal. It will also take us towards our destiny. That's what I believe.

And I think, being always in the present itself is a goal we should set for ourselves, what do u say?

Also, thanks a lot for all your support and inspiration dear friend...

Have a great weekend!

Mind Writer! said...

Reading your bro's story reminded me of my own goals which I had many years back. I wanted to be a Biologist and ended up being a Statistician. And I'm really happy today with what I am cuz I never regretted my past.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for the name Abdul, will remember it for sure :)
You dont have to thank me Mani, the kind of work ure doin is commendable!Good Luck!
Hey Shomoita!Good to haer from u..ya we've all gone thru it..happy for u:) take care!

Joseph Pulikotil said...



Amazing post with plenty of useful and inspiring information. A lot of thought has gone into writing this wonderful post.

I think all of us want to be rich and famous. Even if we want to become doctors,engineers,teachers, farmers,scientist, drivers , shop keepers etc., every one without exception wants to be rich and famous in their chosen fields of activity.

Many of us have aims and ambitions but we don’t have the concentration, will power, determination , energy and enthusiasm to persist and move towards our chosen goal in spite of the odds. Our failure lies in not falling down but in not getting up again to pursue our goals.

Here are some habits to be cultivated for achieving success (Dr.Stephen covey)

Be Proactive
Begin with the End in Mind
Keep First things First
Think Win-Win
Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
Sharpen the Saw
Find Your Voice and Help Others Find Theirs

Many famous people like Sachin Tendulkar, Maria Sharapova, Pele, Michael Jackson, Madonna etc. have no education but their dedication to their chosen fields of activity was so intense that they could have written a super doctorate thesis.

Dirubhai Ambani was not educated but he came to own a huge business empire and he could several highly educated people to run his business.

I always felt people who chose the safe and secure path, people who don’t want to take calculated risks, people who can’t think out of the box, people who take the beaten path finally end up no where.

But as you rightly said all of us had great aims and ambitions when we were young. Somewhere over a period of time as we grew up we lost our aims, went in the wrong direction seeking temporary pleasures and immediate gratification.

People who succeeded are those who had their ambitions always in the forefront, who made the necessary sacrifices, who went through immense mental strain and frustration to achieve their goal.

EITHER I WILL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE is one of the quotes that comes to my mind.

Many thanks for the this fantastic post. It gave me chance to air my views.

Have a lovely day:)

My life is my lesson! said...

Hey Buddy,

A beautiful post i must say this. Life is so uncertain that seldom people get to achieve their young age ambitions. But thats the flexibility that life has infused in us, either this or that but at the end of the day we should be happy and whatever we do must make us happy as well.

Keep blogging! :)

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

What to do? There were, and may be moments when we feel why here? For what?
What is my goal?
May be the start of a journey into our self...
"Country roads!! take me home..
To the place.. I belong.."

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mr Joseph, I am thoroughly inspired by what you've written, its a great post instead of a comment and a very valuable one at that.Keep inspiring:) its great to share your views!

A New Beginning said...

Hey MLIML, thanks, I totally agree with u!:)
Hey Kiran, thanks for those lovely lines!:)