Monday, July 20, 2009

Relationships On Sale

Dowry is another name for shame. Its a shame that many people like to build their relationships by putting a price tag on them, and in this case I consider both the giver and the receiver at fault. Its time that we put an end to the transaction, its time to say "no".....its time to say that "my daughter is my greatest wealth, she is a treasure chest full of the precious values I've given her..receive her with respect and keep her the way I have kept her ...with love and gratitude. Those who think otherwise do not deserve her in the first place!"
If we stop giving, the takers would not have an option :)

As I walked through the aisle,
I had a belief snuggled in my heart,
there is a beautiful life ahead
...........a life with its welcoming door ajar.
But as I turned back to look at all that I had left behind,
I saw my father pay a hefty fine.
A fine that would buy me a ticket to the next abode,
it left me shattered as my faith crashed down for sure.
Since the trust I had in my heart was purely inclined,
towards the positive, respectful bond divine,
and when it broke it took my dreams away,
the reality measured every hope with a fretful Fine.


Laura said...

Our children..both daughters and sons..are priceless jewels...and a dowry for us here...outdated. But maybe it could be viewed as we do a bridal shower...a way for friends and relatives to give the new couple gifts...for blessing the start of their marriage and journey together. To set up housekeeping. That would be a blessing then...and not a curse.
Love and Light, Laura

Whirlwind said...

Well said!! Its a pity that people fail to realize that the true worth of others' lies in their virtue rather than materialistic objects associated with them.

Mad Blogger said...

yeah.. this is a shameful act that we still dont want to part away with.. Time for the new generation to rise up and make the voice against this shameful sequence of buying a groom.. Time for the parents to realize that their girls are the most valuable thing...

A New Beginning said...

@ Laura, I agree that anything given with love is most welcom, bt when it becomes an obligation...something that u have to do in order to get ur daughter married is totally unacceptable.
@ Whirlwind, yes shweta its a pity that ppl dont do anything about such a curse in our society. Hope things change, and that would only happen when we would learn to say no.
@MB, Very true!

Mind Writer! said...

I think if every girl stands on her own then it is possible to beat those bad customs that prevail in our society.

Mohammed Musthafa said...


A New Beginning said...

I totally agree with u Shomita:)Its very imp to stand for ur rights!
Thanks Musthafa :)Take care!

Maithri said...

Moving and beautiful words,

love and light,


A New Beginning said...

Hey Maithri!
Good to see you hear!

manivannan said...

Dowry is a shameful act. With ur lovely poem and thoughts, you've sent across a strong message....

Well done, dear friend!


A New Beginning said...

I totally agree v u Mani!It indeed is a shameful act!

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Even if we people are aware and educated, no body send their daughter to groom's house with out some ornaments or something; but when it comes to a dowry - we want this; it is unfair in all sense.

A New Beginning said...

Very true Kiran!

workhard said...

Dowry is one of the issues that is going pretty strong till date..
It will take a lot of social awareness to get rid of it..

I like your poetry too..

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