Sunday, January 4, 2009

The choice lies in our hands

Dreariness, how does it settle in our midst and tear us apart from our usual enthusiatic self, to what we call a dreary day. Our eyes feel heavy, our head starts throbbing .I call it the lack of inner zeal, which falls short of everything enthusiatic in life and leaves us sleeping on the doorstep of dullness.
Theres a common term being used nowadays,"winter depression", many people are suffering from it ...but why may I ask?Winter is not all that depressing is it ? If it was that ghastly, we would have been made to hybernate throughout the winter season, and it would have been a natural process. Actually I feel, that most of the time, trouble is not even intrested in us, but we invite trouble to cause problems in our lives. Doors tightly shut , no ventilation, no going out , minimal physical activity!But why?Is it some kind of self punishment that is being given .
Get out of that quilt, stop snuggling inside it like a creature who has sworn not to let fresh air
bring positivity inside the house , open your doors and windows, start going out atlest once a day for a nice walk...afterall every season has been made by God to be enjoyed, to bring a pleasant change in our lives , its we who get all depressed and down and out when it comes to accepting changes in life.
We can reside in our personal cacoons for the rest of our lives
or we can stretch ourselves and get ready to welcome a new day!
The choice lies in our hands...


vim3 said...

Well said...your words really bring back the energy...very inspiring

Ayesha Parveen said...

A well-written post Sana. Depression comes because life is full of struggle and is not always fair. However, as you have rightly said, we have to deal with depression and not let it over-power us. Having an optimistic attitude helps a lot. Best wishes.

KParthasarathi said...

If snuggling inside the quilt and enjoying the warmth makes you happy, by golly,do that.If jogging in the cold open air brings you joy by al means do that.What is important is do anything that makes you feel good.There is no prscribed regimen for this.To each according to his predilictions.Would you agree?

A New Beginning said...