Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Its thanksgiving eachday

Its thanksgiving eachday, yes it is.We witness loads of things each day, but certain things leave their impact forever, leaving us struggling with our thoughts. Each day is a blessing for us , come to think about it, if we start complaining about life, our complains would never end, but if we come out of this state of self pity and sit back and realise the amount of things we have been blessed with, we would never be able to thank enough."Thank God for everything he's given us".
Wrapped up in himself, clogged up like an old bundle of clothes , there he sat tangled in his own weak grip.A little boy of not more than eight/ nine years.He sat in a corner of a path way, on one of the cemented stairs. Our eyes fell on him, it was me and a few of my family members. We did what we could at that time, discouraged consistently by the sarcastic tone of a passerby, undoubtedly a regular , "inka to roz ka hai".
"Roz ka hai", but can we take it as an excuse not to help the one who is in need of it.The logical mind says, but the help will be wasted, he'll sit there again the very next day!But somewhere deep down theres a voice that breaks all bonds and comes up determined to rule over the mind..."so what , good gestures never go waste".That's true , sometimes one should just follow ones instinct...if nothing we'll return with a contented heart.
I felt blessed , throughly blessed.What if my parents would not have been able to afford the daily bread, or a roof ..not even a single strand of happiness...what would life be ??A void ...Sifar ...or may be not worthy of being called a life.
We should thank the Almighty for all that we have...we are completely blessed.So what, problems do come in life...sometimes we are not able to achieve what we want to ..but is it a reason enough for being thankless.Why me???We ask him???Today when we have the innumerable blessings showered on us , why dont we raise the same question?At that time everthing is taken for granted.
Life is a blessing, each second that we breath ..that uninterrupted breath is a blessing, our senses are a blessing, our parents are a blessing(the biggest blessing one could ever ask for), God himself is a blessing , for he is there with us with each breath we take.We have been blessed with blessings and this is one reason why each day of our life should be treated as if we owe it to him, and to those for whom, he wants us to be a source of love and contentment.
Thank you God for everything,
for every hour, min and sec,
for each day, for a new morning,
and thank you for making us realise, that life cannot be lived without a purpose.


Ayesha Parveen said...

A thought-provoking post written beautifully. If we are grateful, the blessings increase. Best wishes, Sana.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for being a persistent source of encouragement:)