Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Republic Day

Yeh! Its a holiday on the 26th, great news right? Lets plan out things , lets begin with the morning, I'll do this than that then ofcourse this and then finally that...wait , but why is it a holiday on the 26th ..well ofcourse its Republic Day..and what is the significance of the day? Well ...............................
A long pause, sad but true , half of us don't even know the significance of the Republic Day, we enjoy all the National holidays but somewhere the excitement of having got a holiday overshadows the relevance of the day, inturn undermining ,the sweat , the hardwork , the consistent indefatigable struggle to make the day possible ... a day when India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic with a Constitution to guide her destiny...the future that awaits for her with open arms and the best that still needs to be achieved.
The midnight of Independence, "a tryst with destiny", a vision of India to accept the responsibility of a stable and developed future, away from the evils that hamper its growth , in full control of itself .A land of dreams , a land of prosperity.
”Republic Day is the people's day. The constitution whose promulgation is celebrated is highly symbolic of the aspirations which 'we the people of India' cherish. It formed the transition of the status of the individual from a subject of a colonial empire to a citizen of a free country.
The Constitution endeavours to secure justice, liberty, equality and fraternity and assures the dignity of the individual by conferring fundamental rights upon the citizen. It laid down the method of governance and established the relationship of the citizen to the state.”
The evils that have been hampering our society since ages were abolished , all distinctions of status, rank, creed, colour and sex were brought to a halt. It outlawed untouchability, a crime that alienated human beings and made their life a living hell.
"Much of the social change consequent upon the new legislation has its roots in the Directive Principles of State Policy. The Constitution is the Supreme law. Hence Republic Day is sacrosanct as its significance is deep-rooted. India at present owes its programmes to the Constitution. She can build her future on the basis of the tenets enshrined therein."
Republic Day; the day of the people of India, when every Indian, right from a small kid to an elderly individual has a Flag in their hand , or adorned in their vehicles. THE PRIDE OF OUR NATION, a precious part of our history and the future of our country. A part of the treasured memories of our land.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice article, Sana. Happy Republic Day to you as well. Best wishes.

KParthasarathi said...

It is all nice to read the lofty ideals that inform the republic.But in practice we have miles to go to achieve them for large sections of the people of India.Perhaps Republic Day is a day to remind us to dedicate ourselves to work for this cause

A New Beginning said...

thanks both of you for your valuable comments.