Monday, January 5, 2009

The fragrance of belonging

Each Fragrance has a story wrapped in its essence, a story we can relate to, a story which gives us a sense of belonging .It has time wrapped in its folds , time that has passed, time which is about to come, we can sense its smell somewhere around us. The moment you smell something familiar, it triggers off the memories, the moments, the aura that has been a part of our life.
The moment we enter the corridors of childhood, we can smell the warmth of the hands that ones held us tightly, so that we don’t loose our way. The fragrance of henna takes us back to the innumerable festivals that were celebrated, the nights that were spent with wide open eyes, so that the design on the hands does not get ruined.
The particular smell of our home, stands right at the entrance to welcome us after a long day. Remember the smell of the report card, that would make our hair stand at its ends, and the smell of new books that would come with a promise of a fresh start .
The smell of flowers that would take us back to the days of our first crush and the smell of chocolate, that would make our mouth water.
Apart from all this, there’s a familiar fragrance that still lingers on , the fragrance that defines us as an individual, that gives a meaning to who we are..
“The fragrance that lingers,
is the one that defines,
all that I am,
all that’s mine.
Sometimes its awkward,
how it resides within me,
measuring every step I take ,
keeping a record of my destiny.”
Let the fragrance of love, trust and peace reside within us for ever and ever.

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Ayesha Parveen said...

A nice post on how smell is strongly connected to pleasant memories. Best wishes.