Sunday, June 28, 2009

Code - Decode

Lost in life and in deep contemplation,
a chaotic living and full of confusion,
disturbed steps and a deterred mind,
just the heat no rainbows in sight.
Trapped in time and thoughts amassed,
life is but a question mark.
Unable to reach, to the core,
man is striving hard to decode,
the real meaning of peace and delight,
a thankful heart and a stressfree mind.
Trapped in the material,hes unable to find,
the real way is but divine.


Joseph Pulikotil said...



Wonderfully written poetry of the modern man's plight.

I can relate this to my own life. If you really ask me I just don't know where I am going, what I am doing, what is my purpose, am I following my dream, what will I achieve in the end. I am just drifting through life and taking things as they come, trying to overcome challenges and troubles as and when I come across them, trying my best to make out a living. I have been always concerned about making both ends meet, trying to compete with others, feeling the pressure of daily living, worried about tomorrow.

Yes, I pray to God as often as possible and ask for HIS assistance and grace to face and overcome the heat of the daily grind.

But how much I have done to save my soul, how much have I done to please God, what efforts have I put in for happiness in the next life- is a big question mark.

Your post is an eye opener. It made me sit and think about my own life- what is my mission, what is the purpose of this life of mine.

I hope God will forgive me for my weakness.

Have a wonderful day:)

KParthasarathi said...

Lovely and how true

A New Beginning said...

@Joseph,You're a wonderful Person and surely blessed, thankd for sharing your thoughts, its true for each one of us!
Thanks for the visit Mr K.P.:)!!

AJai said...

Sana tell me how you come up with poetry like this and so often. What's the secret? Please let me in on it. :)

A New Beginning said...

:) Thanks Ajai, but when thoughts flow out they linger on to the words for support!

sujata said...

again such a deep though spelt out so simply and beautifully, a pleasure to read!!

Mind Writer! said...

Beautiful poetry. :)

Do you know, I can't write poetry. I'm really bad at it. Keep writing. Feels good reading them. See you in this blogging journey! :)

Ayesha Parveen said...

beautiful words:
a thankful heart and stressfree mind

Thanks Sana, for continuing with such beautiful work.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Sujata, for those warm words, loved ur blog!

Hey Mind Writer,thanks and all the best to u too.
Thanks Ayesha, afterall you're my consistent source of motivation and inspiration :)

Mind Writer! said...

Just tagged you!

Rhapsody B. said...


Nicely done and expressed.