Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets be the change we want to see in this world.

Most of us think and want to stretch out our hands to help others, many of us take the first step, and some do it aswell, its a great feeling afterall, making your heart pump up into ten times its size, releasing a sign of relief...."atleast I did something!".
Yes its a great feeling. But looking at todays scenario, one is often forced to thing, where do we find people who are in genuine need of help?Its fair enough to think this way. When we look at the roads we find huge beggar organisations running their business between our vehicles, there are certain others who are making profit in the name of charity, then who does one believe in ? Yup!its a strange world , one needs to analyse stuff, question their authenticity and then plan to take the right decision, but let me tell you something, genuineness attracts one towards itself, you don't need an organisation to help others, you can do it in your own small way.
One such genuine cause for which one can take out a bit of time is blood donation.
A body stretched out in an operation theatre, drained out of life, breathing its last, but there is a ray of hope, transferred by a donor. A life is saved, a family is relieved and a real caused has been served.
A beautiful baby is born,but the mother starts haemorrhaging, her kidneys fail, a rare condition that affects 1 in one million pregnant women. She needs plasma, blood and platelet transfusions to get her back home.Who would become a ray of hope in her life , none other than the God sent blood donor.He did not save a single life but two, of a mother and an infant who had no one else to care for her.
An eight year old, diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, he'll continue to need blood. Who would come forward and gift him the rest of his life.......its pretty obvious that if each one of us resolve to donate blood even once in three months,there would be several lives that would be saved.People do not realise the importance of blood donation, but if they come to know what difference it makes to those who are in real need of it, they would never say "no" to the cause.
Sometimes I am just amazed at the people who show so much of dedication towards animals, my amazement increases ten folds when on the other hand I see those who watch an accident victim lying on the road, make a sound full of pity and conveniently pass by.
When the mumbai terror attack happened many were worried about the victims and did their bit to help them out, but on the other hand, there sat the contented souls, who were happy that no one they knew was a part of the disaster or was hampered by it.Its time to think, time to get a recheck on our values. This selfishness is not what we have grown up on. We are a part of the nation where it does not matter who belongs to what culture, which religion or caste the other is ( though sadly such questions have been raised oft and on ), when we sit in a group of friends, it doesn't matter who is who , its just we and our friendship. Then what is it that makes us think twice before helping a fellow being...whoever it may be!
I know its easy to think about such things and difficult to bring them into practice, but even if one of us takes a step forward, I am sure the rest would follow. God forbid but it can be any of us who can face difficult times in their life, its in such situations that a single drop of love that was once donated by us can become our lifeline.
We are the youth, if we resolve to make a difference no one can stop us from opening the doors of peace,love and prosperity.
Let us become the instruments of change, let us shoulder the responsibility without passing it on as someone elses burden........
Lets be the change we want to see in this world.
Watch this video where a child becomes an instrument of change, we just need to step forward and the rest would follow:)


manivannan said...

Great post sana! It's so inspiring!If we think to change the world, we should begin with ourselves. That's very true...Gandhi's words are mantra. You've well wriiten it.

And that video is awe-inspiring! Gave me goosebumps while watching it!

Thanks a lot for sharing friend!

Ayesha Parveen said...

Well-written, thought-provoking post. Thanks and best wishes, Sana :)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mani and Ayesha for your valuable comments:)

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Extremely profound.One of my all time favourite Gandhi's quotes. Thank you for dropping by my side.I appreciate it heaps.Looks like we share the same flair for poems.I posted the same poem by Robert Frost last month :).