Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you love...Let them be

Have you ever noticed how a handful of sand just slips away if you hold it tightly!However much you may try, it just makes its way out.
Relationships are just like sand, the more you try holding on to them, the more they start running away from you and the more space you give them , the more beautifully they are nurtured.
Space is a very important factor in any relationship in this world, be it with your parents,your friends, your love interest...anyone for that matter. You can't suffocate the other person and try to own them just because you want them to be with you. The fact is the more close fisted you become, the lesser you possess.This is indeed a fact.
I have seen people who are extremely possessive about their relationships. Its great if you care for the person, sometimes it just feels amazing if someone reminds you that they are there, and would be there forever.......but on the contrary if you impose your presence on the other one and scare them with your love(lol) I think that becomes a bit too much.
Relationships are like fresh air, they bring in a lot of peace and calm in our life,therfore the best way to enjoy them is to let them be...not by drifting away, but by being there like a support system that one cannot do without,taking you away from the solitary confines and giving a new meaning to life:)


Margaret Cloud said...

This is a very true post, it is true in any relationship, I have seen friends part ways because one wants to be the only one in the others life. Have a nice weekend and thank you for coming by.

Omar Saabith said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Went through a lot of your posts. Simple, positive, inspiring posts from day to day life.

Keep it up. Best of luck.

TC :)

A New Beginning said...

W.A.S and thanks for visiting my blog, and all the very best to you too. and thanks Margaret, its a pleasure reading your posts:) Best

AJai said...

hey what do u do if u think that there is maybe too much space in the relationsip? as in if u think u r drifting away too much?

manivannan said...

Very true! Space for one another makes relationships wonderful.

Well explained friend :)

Have a happy weekend!

A New Beginning said...

I am talking about drifting apart Ajai, its about giving the other one a bit of space of their own, don't we all need that.No one needs a sword hanging on u all the time. Space makes relationships beautiful, but if they increase its time to talk:)too much of anything is bad.Right!Keep a check;
U2 Mani:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...



There is a lot of truth in what you have written.

Many friendships and close intimate relationships have been lost by one person being domineering over the other due to possessiveness or concern for the other persons welfare.

Such care and concern might be liked initially, but slowly it becomes irksome and soon it becomes a nuisance and then slowly turns into hatred and the relationship become sour and pure malice develops. In the end the close relationship turns into bitter enmity. The friends fight like dogs hating each others very sight.

If you truly love some one you should give full freedom to the other person. If the other person truly loves you, he or she will remain with you. If there is no true love, the other person will go his or her own way. Nothing can stop the drifting and going in different directions.

Your post contains abundant wisdom and needs to be studied in depth. I am truly enlightened by your thoughts especially in these days even families have many problems to contend with on account of love, possessiveness, care and concern for the welfare of the members of the family.

Have a lovely Sunday:)

Ayesha Parveen said...

Love cannot be controlled and as you have correctly stated, giving space in a relationship is very important.

A well-written post by you, Sana.

Best wishes.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mr. Joseph AND Ayesha and all the best to you:)