Monday, April 20, 2009

How difficult is it to apologise?

While going through a writeup , I came across a quote which immediately triggered my thinking buds.
It said," Apologising doesn't mean that you are wrong and the other is right,it means that you value the relationship more than your ego" .
In other words, its about giving value to anything more than your ego, which sometimes inflates into something so huge that it becomes difficult to cope with it.Its like a bloated tummy, you can't reach out for anything that's below you, because the difficulty is that your eyes ( and movement) are blocked by the huge inflated it your tummy or your ego..they blur your vision.
Why is it that it becomes so difficult for people to apologise, even when they know that the fault is entirely their doing.
I remember a funny incident when someone was forced to apologise.Knowing well that he did not have a way out, he first slowly turned his face towards the other side,then his mouth began to open, full of air but sans words, then he applied loads of force, made a constipated face and puked out an inaudible "s.o.r.r.y." !God! Was it that difficult, though it seemed to be the case:)
I have a different take on the word and for obvious reasons don't agree with the torturous display by the fellow mentioned above. I think the word sorry, "if used with sincerety", has a great healing power. It has a power to heal relationships, it has a power to unburden you from the guilt that may weight on you forever, it touches your heart, it makes you feel much more lighter,it makes the other feel that you are sincere and that you value them, it makes ones ego take a back seat and gives a new life to a relationship, making it much more stronger and everlasting.
Saying sorry is not that difficult, its just that we turn it into a difficult task, because some of us feel that it makes them look smaller and insignificant, while the truth is just the opposite,the one who accepts ones mistakes and apologises is much greater than the one who refuses to do so and continues to do what he/she has always done," creating havoc by hurting one and all".
Its the purity of ones heart that makes one realise their mistake, and the ones who sincerely apologise are able to cleanse their soul.
Sorry is not a difficult word, since it reflects a sincere heart:)


Margaret Cloud said...

I know I have apologize more than once, when in fact it was not my fault, just to save the friendship or make my husband feel good. You know the bible says turn the other cheek, well something like that. It is hard for some to say the word sorry, it's as if their mouth was glued shut. Thank you for coming by and have a nice week.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Margaret and take care:)

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Nice blog.. It is basically a message to subdue the ego.. It is also about being sincere and honest and being ready to admit ones fault rather than trying hard to defend it at any cost..