Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's do something NEW!!!

Life and its continuous journey makes me realise, that monotony emerges if we do not try discovering new avenues and exploring new things in life. We live life and each day has something different in it, though it seems to be the same if we do not take an initiative to bring out the newness in it.
Don't tie yourself to a rope of self restrain, specially if it's about something that makes you happy...yes some invisible strength should be available at all times, to pull you back from the things that lead you astray...but not when good things pull you towards them.
Do you like dancing ....however aged you may feel, however much your mature senses might pull you back, just break free and enjoy yourself.
Do you like jumping into a puddle that!!You won't believe how happy you'd feel!
Do you cry while watching a movie...don't be scared that people would comment..just let the tears'll make you feel lighter!
My mother loves looking at the moon, it makes her happy..something that I've inherited from her..... I never knew this about her, she never told anyone, In order to present herself as a mature person she never expressed her excitement..but one day when I shouted out.."mom look that's such a beautiful moon!..her eyes twinkled with the glow in the sky, she got to know that she wasn't the only one who loved to stare at the night sky and now every time she spots the moon in the sky..she shouts out...."Sana look, isn't that moon just amazing!"(dad and my bros have got used to our exclamations ;))
It's good to be a mature human being, our responsible behaviour should never take leave of us, we can be a responsible mother, a great daughter, a good father, an amazing worker, a serious boss...but when it comes to making our day special by presenting it with something new, we should let our hair loose once in a while...or as many times as it makes us happy.... dancing to the rhythm of life, indulging in things that make us happy... There's no harm in being happy and doing things we love the most!!
Don't just lead a monotonous life and keep complaining about it...God has blessed us with the power to choose...make a happy...spread happiness!
If God's willing, I would love to turn into a great grandmom, watching cartoons with all the kids around me and dancing to the tune of things that make me happy...I'll teach them to be happy souls and to learn the trick of giving a new zest to life by doing what they love the most!!

In todays world where stress has grown roots into our life..let's hold a spade each and let's throw out the weed called depression that is happily sinking into our present, inturn affecting our future....
Let's grow seeds of happiness for ourselves and for those around us!! :)

I wont be able to post anything new for sometime...But I'd be back soon with more posts and loads of things to share!!:)
Till then take care all of you!
Be Happy and Keep that smile on !! :)


RGB said...

Put your feet up, go about life with no cares in the world, take life as it comes and spread the mirth around!

shasha said...

life is either a daring adventure or nothing right?so you are correct. life is meant to be lived. we should not only exist but relish every moment given to us. i sure will miss your posts but will be watching over for the comeback.good luck!

Margaret Cloud said...

You are right we should go forward in life with what makes us happy. I can speak for a fact that it is fun to hae the grandkids around. This is another great post, have a nice day and thanks for coming by.

A New Beginning said...

Yeah RGB!Thats the way to do it :)

Youre right Shasha "life is either a daring adventure or nothing",...will be back soon :)!

Yes Margaret you have a good experience, Im sure youre a lovely grandmom, can always feel the positive vibes :)You too have a great day!

Jayant Post said...

happiness is all that matters... we go looking for bigger ones ignoring the small ones that lie around us and we become unhappy of not having got one... an inspiring post... and do come soon with your interesting posts... all the best... take care... and keep smiling... :)

Booklover said...


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Kiran said...

Yes.. something new :-)
May be something different :-)

Shimmer said...

gud post :D
u only get one chance to live the moment ;)
can never reverse the minute that has passed. all it needs is a little push from within

Booklover said...

Beautifully said. Life is indeed about being ourselves and not getting lost in 'conforming' to societal rules.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

There is amazing wisdom in this post.

I agree when we fall into a routine we fall into a rut and life becomes dull and boring. We have to discover new ways of looking at things and new ways of doing things. We have to find new things to keep us engaged and motivated.

It is also true that many things that thrilled us when we were young does not interest us any more. We have to take a fresh look at these things like watching the moon.

You have posted some interesting photos along with the post.

It looks like you are going on a long holiday somewhere. Enjoy yourself.Wish you all the best:)

lostworld said...

such an uplifting post.. Its not too easy to keep the child in us alive but it helps :) Lovely Sana !!!!:-))

Anya said...

Soooooo lovely written Sana
so so true :)))
I love it .....

Samvedna said...

If God's willing, I would love to turn into a great grandmom, watching cartoons with all the kids around me and dancing to the tune of things that make me happy...I'll teach them to be happy souls and to learn the trick of giving a new zest to life by doing what they love the most!! I would love to do that.

Bikramjit said...

YOU are so right.. WOWO... I love dancing ... and crying in movies done it a few times ...

like they say

Give a little time for the child within you, don’t be afraid to be young and free.
Undo the locks and throw away the keysand take off your shoes and socks, and run you

LET IT OUTTTTTTTTT enjoy have fun ..

Raghav said...

My dad used to tell me this all the time when I was a kid!

Great post!