Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Darkness that never ends!

Human beings have been blessed with the most beautiful emotions, the best that God could shower upon a living being....God made us human and we learnt to be humane. We learnt to love while in our mothers womb, a stage when no one knows who we are or would turn out to be. We learn to cry when we see someone in pain, because it reminds us of the fact that it hurts when tears roll out.....then one fine day we mould into an independent who has learnt everything and has witnessed the most amazing emotions in's a stage where we make a choice ...and some of us choose....choose what we think is right, forgetting about every tear that might roll out....every face that would cry out in pain....every sight that would be severely gruesome.....but we choose and declare that what we do in life, would be the best....At this stage we just keep ourselves in mind and turn inhuman......Though we started our journey as a human being, our choices place an extra i,n, and make us what God never wanted us to be!
Burning people alive, placing bombs in a kids playground, dowry deaths, concentration camps, a poisonous gas leak....are just a few examples planted by "things"that cease to be human..I'll call them things coz they lose their ability to think and feel....they are as stony as rocks...sans everything that one can ever imagine to be human.
Do people really get what they want by being brutal....or is it the ashes of their own burnt psyche that they keep on preserving till the very end.
We write our own destiny and it's we who destroy it....
God sent us as a part of's our fault if we choose to be someone totally different...a self made disaster.
All those who think that by giving pain they can get what they want....I just have one thing to say...ashes can never build homes, they can just darken the horizon with an ugly tomorrow!


RGB said...

Well said. Just don't understand what turns a few into inhuman despicable living beings, with no conscience to stop them when they go wrong!

anilkurup said...

I would differ with your concept or let me also say perception of us human beings.
Nature has made us different with amazing intellect, thought process etc.We differ a lot from other living beings, be it the most intelligent of animals, birds, amphibians or reptiles.We have the power to tame and rule the whole animal kingdom. We found ways to reach the distant stars. Amazing feats!
But we are also the most cruelest of all living things.The most ferocious predator fades into insignificance at the cruelty we human beings can inflict on our fellow beings and other living things,physically and emotionally.The most ferocious and violent predator in the animal kingdom preys for food. Now take the case of us this amazing 'homo sapiens'. You know, I do not have to elaborate. The nearest form of species in the animal kingdom that can compete with us in matters of lust, sexual urge and perversion, avarice, selfishness cruelty,slyness- to name a handful of qualities is the fascinating Chimpanzee.

SG said...

Excellent post Sana. Loved reading it. As you said ashes can never build homes.

I have just one small difference of opinion. I would not put poisonous gas leaks in the same category as burning people, bombs, dowry deaths and concentration camps. Poisonous gas leaks are "accidents". The others are deliberate.

Margaret Cloud said...

You are right, we are born into the world and as we grow if love flourishes we are good. But if a person is denied love during their growth years, they be come harden toward life and people. The bad ones wants to pay back all those years and strike out toward society. This is another great post, it makes us think. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Being Pramoda... said...

**it's our fault if we choose to be someone totally different...a self made disaster.

Hey...thats soo true and straight from ur heart it seems..:) good.

we are what we make should believe this and move on..:)

A New Beginning said...

yupp RGB, its difficult to understnd.

Great comment Anil :)

SG, here I am referring to the bhopal gas leak that happened in could have been avoided, but certain people were just interested in material gains and thus it resulted into a disaster!

Yes Margaret and some make a conscious choice coz for them material gains matter the most!

Agreed Pramoda :)

Ricky said...

very well said sana.... it was a delightful read... keep more of it coming..... eagerly waiting for the next post

Whirlwind said...

I especially liked the last line..Ashes can never build homes. Its so true. Very thought provoking post Sana.

sm said...

nice post
everything depends on childhood and education, government and society.

lostworld said...

As they say 'good begets good'!! It is really unfortunate some of us forget who we are in the large scheme of things & turn cannibals in a fleeting moment:(

Amin said...

Nice post!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

A thought provoking post and you have beautifully portrayed how humans become inhumans by choosing evil.

A human being has a conscience where as wild animals which kill other animals for food don't have.Animals don't have conscience or common sense. This is why we are masters over them. We can use our conscience to select evil or good.We can choose to starve for a day or steal. We can chose to live in penury or rob people and become rich. We can choose to love peace or react in anger and destroy other people. We can have religious tolerance or can kill people,innocent children,destroy landmark buildings and terrorize to make them submissive and follow what we believe.

Jesus clearly said that those who take the sword will perish by the sword.There is no escape for evil men and women.They will get double punishment both in this world and in the next.They can't perpetrate evil and get away with it. As far as I know all evil men have been punished in this world itself. The perpetrators of evil will be brought to justice some day or the other.The reason is that vast majority of people are good,love peace and as you said human.They are against evil and perpetrators of evil in any form.

In the Bible, the fist perpetrator of evil,Cain who killed his brother Abel, thought that God did not see his evil act.But God called out to him and said Abel's blood is crying to HIM.And God punished Cain.

You will find evil people punished every where in the world.There is no escape for them.The terrorists hijacked planes,killed innocent people and children,destroyed the famous Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, trained and funded terrorists etc. but these terrorists only increased the resolve of the civilized world to fight terrorists on all fronts. The terrorists will not succeed and any religion that promotes terrorism will not succeed because people want to live in peace and harmony.

If you read Dr.Faustus by Christopher Marlowe you will find that Dr.Marlowe is a highly accomplished man and yet he wants to control the world with the assistance of the devil. While the good angel constantly tells him not to follow these evil thoughts the devil persuades him to sell him soul for becoming the master of the world.The end is disastrous and the devil completely grips Dr.Marlowe in his hold and finally drags him to hell. Very interesting book. You can check it on the internet.

Most probably this comment is too long and the comment colum will allow publishing it. But I will try.

Best wishes Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ricky :) Hope to see you again!

Thanks Swetha:)

Very true SM...

yup lost world, we forget that we are humans and need to be humane!

Thanks Amin :)

Mr. comments can never be blocked as they're really inspiring!Thanks for such a thought provoking comment. yES iVE READ Dr. Faustus and experienced what an unsatisfied soul is all about.
Quran also mentions Cain and Ables was an example set by God, for all mankind to learn from!!
Lovely comment..thanks once again!

Ellen said...

How a person turns out to be... is all in the matter of choices. A person exercises his gift of free will to make choices and from those choices make his decisions. He can choose to be good and do good things. He can choose to be bad and do all bad things. The beliefs, dogma, influence, politics, religion, principles, knowledge and many more - some good some bad - which he may have gathered through the years will all be summed up in his choices. The choices that he makes certainly will define him as a person, good or bad.

We can probably merely sit and watch the world go by.. or say something on issues and mean what we say.. or decide to go out that door and plant a tree joining others in saving the world's ecology system.. or push a kind thought or deed forward with the hope that people it touches along the way will pass it onwards to many more. We can help create a better world. It's all in the matter of - choices. So then what do we do with man's inhumanity to man?

You do a good thing with this post, Sana, by making people think.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for sust an inspiring comment Ellen, Im glad you liked what I've posted!

deeps said...

That’s human history and psychology compriced in one tablet written with a global vision…but I just wonder if a world ever existed that was free of the toxins of pain, hatred, vilence, revenge…

A New Beginning said...

Hopefully Deeps...lets try to build one...if each one of us take a step forward we would make our world a better place :)

AJai said...

Very well said.. when you lose the ability to love and forgive... you lose your humanity. so true.

A New Beginning said...

Yes Ajai thats true indeed.

A said...

I had read it before but good read once again