Friday, July 16, 2010

Did your heart go "twing!!"

Twing!!!! Have you heard this sound before???? Don't tell me you haven't!!Everyone does...see it goes like twing!!! and you see stars and planets and ...well loads of other utter nonsensical stuff....but you do!! "Twing" is the sound of your heart that has approved of something :)
It reminds me of the people that we come across in life..some end up ringing a twing, others well fuse it for good! Hence it's important to listen to ones heart coz it might drive you in every direction possible, but does take you to your desired destination!
Every "twing"in life has a memory intact in it's rhythm....Do you remember when you heared it really loud!!I'm sure you do!If you still haven't....someday you surely would...
Sometimes when everything is so indecisive, you just pray that things settle down and your heart shows a green signal and you know what!
So the next time your heart goes twing...remember you've reached your destination!

I heared a loud twing,
and guess what, it was my heart..
maybe it was mounted on a spring I thought or just dancing to the glory of God,
and then I realised this sound was for things,
That happen to us on earth...
the things that make us happy, the things that build heavenly abodes,
and yes I guessed it was indeed the case,
life stores a twing for every heart..
Every heart has its day ;)


RGB said...

I'm listening to my "twing" even as I'm reading this. You're quite right...the twing rings when you find something you've always wanted or are pleasantly surprised or like you put it - when you find/arrive at your destination!

anilkurup said...

Yes our heart twings. And the sound is sensational to ones feelings. But also it twings sometimes to later fuse with sadness.
And the only way is to listen to the twing and wish it stays a twing.

Amin said...

Very interesting!

deeps said...

thats poem in prose!!

lostworld said...

Yes sometimes twings happen & everything seems perfect. At times we wait and wait for the twing .. hehehe :-D

SG said...

Nice post. We don't know when the twing will come and at what circumstances. Hope all twings are happy twings.

Being Pramoda... said...

Ummmmm...I too heard it now.. heh..everything is within us, we need to identify..:)

A New Beginning said...

:) True RGB, hope you always get a happy twing ;)

Anil the last line of your comment was just amazing :)

Thanks Amin..did it twing??:)

Thanks Deeps :)

Yes lostworld I agree, waiting for the twing can be a hard task...but when it twings!!!!!!.....:)

Hopefully SG..Really hope so!

You did Pramoda!!Thats great and yes I agree its a call from within!:)

Whirlwind said...

Heard it numerous times.:) Nice post Sana.

Bikramjit said...

I want to hear those twings .. havent heard them for quite a log time now ... But sometimes the TWING happens for a wrong thing too.. :) now thats confusing what to do then ..

you know its desitination but the destination sees it otherwise if you know what i mean..
but anyway what the heck heres to TWINGSS cheeeersssssssssssssssss

A New Beginning said...

Thats great swetha :)

Cheeeers Bikram!!!!

Margaret Cloud said...

You are right, every heart has a twing in it. Mine twinged very loud when I got married and when I had my kids.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Sana:)

This is a very interesting post. You have laid thread bare a most complicated terminology is simple but effective explanation. I wonder if I could ever do such a marvelous explanation for a TWING OF THE HEART.

It looks like you have brought into play physics,physiology and psychology to explain the point.

Very beautifully done Sana and I sat reading with my mouth open with this fantastic explanation for the TWING OF TGHE HEART.

Have a wonderful day Sana:)

A New Beginning said...

Im sure Margaret, your twing must have been really loud and happy..youre a blessed soul!Touch wood!:)

Mr Joseph, your comment has made me wonder..have I really done all that youve described :)Thanks a ton for the encouraging my heart goes twing!!!:)

Ellen said...

The most beautiful things are said simply. Like you did with your post. Not a big thought to boggle learned minds .. but a small simple idea. And yet a thousand words are contained in that one ordinary taken-for-granted 'twing'. Have a lovely day that would bring a thousand twings in your heart. :-)

SG said...


Pls read my reply to your comment on my latest post. Thanks. With best regards.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ellen, same to u :)

Will do that SG :)

Kiran / കിരണ്‍ said...

♪ ♭ twing ♫ ♬
hi hi :-)

Shimmer said...

twing!! :D
haaha, that i think reminds diff events to diff ppl :D

i love when my heart twings! :D

havnt had a twing fr a while.. :(
hope to have some soon ;)