Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Cure for Almost Everything!!

Many days had passed but S was nowhere to be seen, I enquired about here but no one knew where she had gone. I was worried coz a few days back she was anxious about her son, and how he refused to eat anything and was underweight.
Today when she entered office, she was full of life, freshness and all the adjectives that would make a person look well...blooming :)
"You know what!we visited our village, it's just beautiful!,"exclaimed S with a big smile on her face. So the secret behind the whole ordeal of thoughts was that she had taken leave to go to her village, where her inlaws used to live a long time back and which now is left with their mango farms, ancestral home and a few of her relatives. The way she described her village was just amazing.....lush green trees, narrow streams flowing near the houses, hills with step farms of varied colours and trees laden with fruits! The freshness of her village had, it seemed swept all her worries away :)
It's amazing how nature has an effect on us, both internally and externally. Internally we feel happy, non-crappy, full of life and the happiness within makes us glow twice as much!
Remember the time when you were in a bad mood and then the weather changes, it begins to rain and how your mood swung to the positive side of's called the natural effect!
Have you ever witnessed the time when a gentle breeze tends to bring down all the mangoes on the trees, or the time when in order to have green chile or a vegetable you just had to go to your garden and pick one up and the time when paper boats could be placed in the stream that ran next to your house, the time when everyone sat to cut the home grown vegetables and cooked them together, having a hot meal with a cold shower of rain beautifully dancing with the winds outside your window......
I know most of us didn't witness all this, coz we live in a concrete jungle that runs on a machinic life.
But nothings impossible, though we can't make a stream run next to our house, we can plant saplings to keep our surroundings lush green...and our trees would then invite the rains to dance along with them and trust me, we would be a party to it :)
When I asked her how her son was doing, she said he eats while we narrate stories of lakes, trees, jungles and the happy animals....I know it for a fact, nature has a cure for almost everything!


The Holy Lama said...

Nature heals and soothes like nothing else.:)

anilkurup said...

The wonder cure and difference nature can do.
And to let go such a heavenly retreat or abode is also harrowing!!!!!

Whirlwind said...

True theres a cure for anything only thing is we take time to find that healing touch.:) Nice post Sana.

Samvedna said...

I laso love nature, and my daughter also has imbiberd the same thing, she preferred to have a big patch more than the constructed side in he rhome.

A New Beginning said...

You got that right kk :)

True Anil, very true!

Hope we do Shwetha :)

Happy to know that Samvedna :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

It is interesting to read the new word you have coined-NATURAL EFFECT. It is true that greenery is always good and has a soothing effect on our mind and relaxes us.

I have some flowering plants around my house and it a hobby for me to water them. Some bless me with flowers and others just don't. But I always wait for a flower to bud and bloom. I get immense thrill out of it. I also have a few fishes in a glass bowl and I like to feed them, change water etc. All this gives me a small diversion from my normal routine activities which become boring at times and get on my nerves.

The photo is absolutely gorgeous and the way the hill has been beautifully cultivated and studded with serpentine greenery is an amazing sight.

Best wishes Sana:)

Amin said...

Good day!
I am lover of the nature.
Interesting post.

SG said...

Nice post. Nature has a cure for everything even after man has tampered with it to the hill.

A New Beginning said...

Thats so true Mr. Joseph, its just seems beautiful when flowers come out and greet us with all their love!!Its an amazing sight!May you have a lovely week ahead!

Thanks for visting Amin, good to know that youre a nature lover.

yup sg, but if 10 distroy it, 20 can save it aswell...a person cts a tree and another grows 2 in its place...its just that the chain should go on...and we should stop such people from creating havoc on nature!

SG said...

Thanks. I just added your post in my "I Love to Read" list.

Neena Sharma said...

Nature is the best healer and I tend to believe Wordsworth's theory that it is sentient.

lostworld said...

:) Lovely Sana. Indeed, there's a cure for everything.. If all else fails, time heals it all.

A New Beginning said...

Thats very sweet of you sg thanks a lot :)

True Neena, very true :)

True lost world, time is the greatest healer :)