Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wonders of Nature!

Yesterday in the middle of the night, the electricity went off, to add to the amazingly unbearable heat, the inverter gave up aswell, sleeping inside seemed like a crude punishment in order to save our life, we came out in the courtyard and choose a chair, a sofa, each to lay down and kill the heat.... As I was laying down under the open sky, I could see the big round moon, shining brightly and watching over us, it too had a blanket, a blanket of clouds that covered it for short looked as if the moon was playing hide and seek.
It's good to be close to nature, it helps us unburden and makes us feel that all the problems in the world are temporary, like the clouds in the sky that cover the moon or the sun, and then slip away in no time.
The moon, the sun, the sky, winds, rain..... perform miracles for us every now and then, its for us to understand and cherish and to realise the fact that the petty things that we crib about are nothing.... absolutely nothing as compared to the blessings that the Almighty bestows upon us..the very fact that we feel alive when a cold shower of rain conquers the unbearable heat is just a small example.

As I looked into the sky,
deep inside the sea of clouds,
my eyes seeped into the royal blue cover,
and there I found, what imagination could never make me wonder,
a universe full of miracles,
of planets , of stars,
of moons and a thousand suns,
and a trait that led afar,
it was a miracle indeed, as miraculous as it could be,
divinity was at its best and enveloped a million galaxies.
I rode on the bubbles of twilight and slipped through the milky way,
and knocked on the doors of heaven, and played at its beautiful gates!
And then it was time, as the sun was ready to spread its rays,
as I couldn't stand it's light, my eyes closed and then opened on a bright new day.


anilkurup said...

Can you tell me the way to that wonderful journey of yours?
Excellent is the least I can say.
The wonders of nature are all around for us to see. If only we could open our eyes wide!!!

Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautifully expressed, Sana. Yes, moonlight often has a healing, soothing effect on us.
Best wishes.

Ellen said...

What a lovely post! Beautifully written. So typical of you, dear Sana. Thank you for this pleasure of sharing your love of nature.

Noor Enayat said...

I looked at the moon last night and the night be for that from the window of my bedroom and each time I thought of you.

Shimmer said...

yup, nature has its way of comforting us. all we have to do is open our eyes and look around us. its been a while i drenched myself in the rain.. thanx fr reminding :D

Samvedna said...

Beautiful post with extra beautiful pictures!..There is no substitute for nature..I nevr enjoy the cool air of AC as much as the cool breeze outside.

Being Pramoda... said...

even i get to know all these only when thr is a power cut; especially in apartments, its miserable that we miss many such things badly..

Nice expressions Sana..good pics and i loved ur lines in between..

A New Beginning said...

:)I wish there was a way Anil, but our imagination plays wonderful games if we embrace nature wholeheartedly!

Yes Ayesha, its very soothing :)

Thanks it as soothing as the thoughts you pen :)

Hey Noor, welcome to the blog :)

What are u waiting for what you love to :) btw if you were in delhi the thoughts of rain would have dried up :( :) nevermind enjoy from my side aswell :)

Samvedna thats a great choice, ac can never compete the cool breeze that God showers upon us :)

Thanks Pramoda :) atleast theres something that gets us back to nature ;)

Whirlwind said...

Good observation and a wonderful post.:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Shwetha :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Sana:)

This is a wonderful post with absolutely spellbinding photos. Really first class.

Your post is thought provoking and opens up vistas of inner mind to the divinity and gorgeous beauty that lies all around us at all times whether day or night.

Here in Kochi it is raining cats and dogs and the climate has cooled down. Fortunately we don't have power cuts at present on account of the FIFA foot ball matches and you know Kerala is crazy about foot ball and they will go mad if the power goes off at this time.

Best wishes Sana:)

Nipun said...

Nature heals d best..

Wonderful post sana..

Awesome pics and great message..



A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mr. Joseph and Im happy that there are no power cuts in Kerela..and its raining!!!which is a bonus...sadly monsoons have refused to climb up north...its like the sky is constipated with clouds but theres no rain...a crude way to express it but that how its going here :( anyways you enjoyyourself and spread the happy vibes...I can feel the freshness of kerela through your words :)

Thanks Nipun :)Im glad you liked it!

lostworld said...

Sana, your words made most of the descriptions come alive :) Lovely!

A New Beginning said...

Im glad that happened lostworld, I think our imagination takes us to another world..isnt it :)

Greener Bangalore said...

Hey Sana thats a beautiful peice of writeup....never seen the poet in you before.......and nice photographs too....i thought the first shot you took in the middle of the night? did you?

The Holy Lama said...

Sana, What a beautiful way to take us to the beauty of Nature.

A New Beginning said...

Hey Gb, no thats not my photography, every pic has been taken from google search, but Im glad you liked them :)

Thanks KK :)just wish we were closer to nature than we manage to be :)

Kiran / കിരണ്‍ said...

So you get lost in those :-)
Great keep on getting lost in that, I think these are all great :-)

Great!! The way u are!!

amalbose said...

it was so beautifully written, the ecstasy of being close to nature.. their is nothing more peaceful than to wonder at its awesome beauty, letting urself melt into it..

AJai said...

Sometimes... I look forward to power cuts because you can then go out and see things in natural light. You hardly get to do that these days. I enjoyed reading this post. :)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Kiran :)

Very true Amal, but its so rare that we indulge in such things..thats why were so stressed must explore life beyond ones world of monotony :)

Very true Ajai, its a treat for sure :)

Neena Sharma said...

Wonderful narrative. Really loved it!! And the photos were superb too.

A New Beginning said...

Hi Neena,Great to see you here :)do come again!