Friday, June 18, 2010

Planting seeds of love

Yesterday we went for a walk, me and my dad. As we got busy with each step getting faster than the last one, my dad's eye fell on a boy who was pulling out leaves from a baby tree...before I could react I saw him fasten up his pace and in a few minutes he was standing next to the child, telling him how hurt the plants feel if you pull their leaves....the scene ended there and we continued our walk..after a minute to our horror the child started uprooting the it was a young tree, and a small one, it was easy for a child to pull it ran across the field with me shouting behind him to calm down, but to no avail...the child of course got a good shouting and was taken away by his elder brother, who made no attempts at stopping him.
Though I was a little upset with dad, as he shouted at the 8 year old, but then I realised that if we don't educate kids at a young age about the importance of nature, how would they ever get to know, how would they ever stop our earth from becoming barren, how else would they learn to plant trees.
It's very important to spread awareness, especially among young kids so that they learn to become responsible towards the environment and should save nature from being destroyed at the hands of those for whom material wealth is all important. Such people do not realise how important it is to save the environment from being damaged!
Education begins at home and has the greatest influence on an innocent mind.....spread awareness and help make those little hands plant trees today, so that tomorrow they become responsible towards their environment.


anilkurup said...

Our destiny is decided during the formative years and with whom we spent those time. To break away from the shackles of up bringing is I guess difficult.

D.A said...

Reminds me of what Wordsworth had said in reference to man and nature "What man has made of man"
Soothing template. lovely post. Long time since the last time i dropped by..this busy world has engulfed us all :(

RGB said...

Agree with you. If the grown-ups don't show the little ones what is right and what is wrong, who else will?

Whirlwind said...

True. Education should begin from a young age else children fail to develop that understanding and importance of things around them.

A New Beginning said...

Very True Anil, its very difficult to break away from the shackles of up bringing, if its been put across in the wrong way, it just gets disastrous...this is where all the insensitive ppl come from..
upbringing has a lot to do with our state of mind :)

Hi D.A. yes its a busy world but great to see you again :)Well quoted!

True RGB, When parents are too linient (they dont have to be cruel but discipline is a must)that when calamity strikes ;)

Yup Shwetha,its rightly said that a child's mind is like a fresh piece of paper, whatever one writes on it stays there forever:)

Darril said...

Yes, very true.. as we know.. most of the things we learn, are from home.. Its our duty to educate ppl around us.. Proud of ur dad..

A New Beginning said...

@ Darril, same here :)

Kiran / കിരണ്‍ said...

your father is great :-)