Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new page will be turned at 12 tonight, or should I say a new volume of our life.A few pages were written, rest were crumbled and thrown into the bin, those that were written taught us a lot, but those that had to be crumbled were far better teachers, they taught us to accept defeat , to realise that our goal lies a bit far off but it isn't impossible to reach it. There were times when success was near , we leaped but fell . Now we can see it hopping across to the other side , passing through the door of 2009, we are yet to catch hold of it . So lets gear up to confront a brand new challenge in the brand new year the awaits at our doorstep.
"Theres nothing new in the new year , something new is yet to be created,a new dream, a new road , a new strength and a new self that has forgotten to look back"

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