Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Danger is a good teacher??!!!??""

Danger is a good teacher, it surely is , it teaches us the surival tactics that we never thought would come to our mind .What do we do when we get to know that someone who is dear to us is caught in the cluches of danger, we dont think ...we just act.This is what life wants from us ...do the things that you think are right without thinking about them twice, coz if you just think you wont be able to act , this very decision will become the deciding factor of the rest of your life ..the fact that you'd just follow the herd or be someone you always wanted to be ....the true you.May be words are not enough but actions work wonders.It dosen't have to be something that hurts someone , but something that would do you a lot of good, but not at someone elses cost!!!!When in doubt think about the danger of living a life that you never wanted..............and the sense of danger would tell you what you really want.When you're not happy with life you tend to spread unhappiness..others don't deserve to be unhappy at your cost ...so there lies a danger of making others unhappy by not being your true self and wearing a make believe mask all the time.
Danger indeed, is a good teacher..isn't it?


Subuhi said...

It's really wonderful to reckon what You imply... the make believes may have been running a chance of making others' lives miserable in the process of making thier own...
The juxtaposition of the thoughts would've been never so clear had it been not for you.


A New Beginning said...

Thanks for being there:)