Thursday, December 11, 2008

The first day of the rest of my life

Yeasterday I went to someones place, a person who has been a significant part of the old memories that I cherish till date. I used to go to her place with my grandmother, in a rickety rikshaw with the rickshaw puller who used to pull his rikshaw in such a way that both of us felt as if we are on a roller coaster ride, with nani shouting at him, but in vain, coz he was busy enjoying his adventure through then not so crowded roads of our neighbourhood. It would be a difficult task to sit next to nani and listen to all the conversations that went between her friend and her(btw with most of the talking done by her friend), it was like a tennis match being played with the ball going right over my head ....did not understand a word of what they talked about. But yesterday it was altogether a very different experience, the same old road but with an air that was new to me , maybe the memories are intact in my minds eye, I want them to be there coz theres no other treasure like the priceless, soulful memories.
As I entered her house my eyes fell on a small rectangular showpiece with a quote written on it , placed inside the familiar almirah that had been touched up with the colours of the new world. It said , "today is the first day of the rest of your life", the quote felt like an advise from a person who I thought had left me long nani. It was as if she was telling me that there is the best to look forward to , never give up , keep going on.
Sometimes when we reach a point in our lives where we are confused as to what is in store for us , an invisible strength gives us the power to move on and guides us through the untrodden path of life.
This is what love is all about , in whatever form it might be it provides the strength to embrace life with open arms....for me love just happened to pour out through an old show piece , leaving a smile on my face to last me a life time .

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areeb hashmi said...

very true. very touching.