Monday, December 1, 2008

Who is it going to help in the end???????

What happened in Mumbai is a shame ….shame on the so called protectors of our country , who claim to do great things and then forget about them as soon as the elections are over, Its just pure dirty politics . A terrorist has no name and no religion….he is just a menace , out to fulfill his/her own selfish needs for which he can destroy whoever comes in his way, be it an innocent child or an old man, for him its just a matter of fulfilling his own desires.
When people are out there to destroy each other for any convenient reason they might have ….the only question that comes to my mind is, who is it going to help in the end? They might take the name of a religion but we all know that no religion in this world preaches insanity towards humanity …… a convenient reason is all that it is….by the end of it, its just some crappy political reason that is being taken care of, leaving common people who have been leading a simple peaceful life with a feeling of alienation. No religion asks its followers to shed blood in its name and that too of innocent people who have never even thought of harming anyone, who had been leading a peaceful life…..and one fine day die a useless death at the hands of those they don’t even know.
Why does it always happen before the elections, is it some kind of a cheap strategy that is being played at the cost of innocent people?No we are not numb we simply can’t go numb with the pain that is being forced on us. There has to be a way out, there is indeed a solution……..The solution lies in us….We the people of India, who have to join hands and fight against such injustice. We have to stand united forever and especially in the times of such crisis, to bring about the change which is much needed today. No one, no one at all can take liberties with us or can have the audacity to walk in and harm us or our loved ones.
We have to save our country from such selfish people be it the terrorists or wily politicians who surface at the time of elections and think we are fools who would believe in whatever they say. We can’t let them have their way, not on our land….the place we revere and have witnessed so many brave hearts sacrificing their lives in order to protect it from any evil eye that might harm it in any way. Whatever attempt they might make to break us apart…..we have to stay united and have to choose leaders who would really work for the country instead of enjoying dirty politics.
I salute the brave soldiers and officers who gave their life in order to protect the people, I salute the courageous men who risked their lives so that the safety of the hostages could be ensured, I pay my reverence to the innumerable people who lost their lives in this maniacal tussle…… a tussle between insanity and humanity.

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