Monday, December 29, 2008

The regular visitor

As I stepped outside in the early winter morning, I saw someone standing,right at the door , its been years now since hes been a regular visitor, every winter with the same smile and the same attitude of reducing visibility, acting as a speed reducer he followed me untill I reached my office, see you could'nt irritate me much I said, and with the familiar smile I left him at the doorstep, with a promise of an early morning it has been till date.
Yes, Mr. Fog has been a part of our lives, reminding us again and again that winter is here.Well we know that don't we?But theres something about the fog that brings a stream of emotions , all lined up and appearing one by one , objects appear one after another as we get closer to them..its as if the fog has innumerable things hidden in its folds , and we play hide and seek making our way through the fog.
Our goals, our aims , our desires are all placed right in front of us , its our determination to cut through the fog of life , that makes us achieve them. When our steps lack the kind of determination we need to make our way through, we get lost in the mist and remain clogged up for the rest of our lives.
Its important to cut through the fog of darkness and to be able to encounter the light of knowledge .... knowledge that nothing is unattainable, its our trust, hope and determination that gets us going.

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