Sunday, December 21, 2008

mirror image

life is full of change, every day you find a different you looking into the mirror, gazing at yourself with a confused yet familiar that me ?or isn't it? its like a picture which tells different stories at different points of time in our lives, for instance say there is a picture of a forest with wild flowers , a stream running by and a narrow mud lane , when you are sad the picture makes you feel as if the world is a lonely place full of turmoil, lonely where we have been left to sought out the conflict within ourselves but when we are at peace with ourselves , the picture makes us feel in confirmity with nature , life seems full of tranquility and the lonely road in the picture seems as if it is showing us the way towards our true destination .
There are some pictures that give us the same feeling in whatever mood we might be , a feeling of calm , a feeling of care , of warmth that is hidden within. We should try to be like this picture , in confirmity with ourselves all the time, however hard the situations might be, one should never be bogged down by their weight.Life is the second name from struggle , a struggle where you have to dive into the deep sea to get the pearls.

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