Monday, December 1, 2008

I can hear her cry,
sitting alone in a dilapidated state she cries her heart out,
bleeding bitterly , and torn into pieces ,she sheds her blood oft and on .

Being healed and again being torn apart is how her life has been,
She cries at the sight of her children being slayed , as cruelly as could be .

The ones who were the brave hearts, fought for her, but yet it was in vain,
the cruel claws of death had barged in and had easily made its way.

Sweeping cruelly the lives of those, whom they never knew ,
She bled she cried she called for help…but nothing seemed subdued.

And there I stood as a witness,watching her through a lifeless box,
There she was, awake and yet so numb,crying for help and nothing could be done.

Whatever could be saved from her shattered pieces was saved and left to thank destiny.
A smile on their face, a void in their heart, a memory which had left a black mark.

Enough she cried, enough I say, there’s nothing more that I can take,
ruined enough through the sands of time, its time be awake.

I am a mother to all of you, its your duty to guard me against such wrath ,
No longer will I be a slave to such cruelty,its time to unite as a big force,
a spirit which can never be broken apart.

Stand up dear Indians,
it’s a call from your motherland,its time to be at her guard,
its time for a revolution ,
a time for change ,
A time to build a peaceful abode.


Subuhi said...

There's something about your verses that makes one sit straight and notice... it's called inner light and it radiates your true concern... it pulsates...

Always keep it alive, for it will make you live in true sense.

God bless

A New Beginning said...

Your blessings will see me through.