Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tick tock tick,
and there it goes,
another minute , an hour, a day and more.

Loneliness stays as it always has,
surrounded by a crowd, yet a void intact.

A new wait ,each day as it comes,
a new morning, yet the good old sun,
winters set in bringing in the familiar chill,
a bright blue sky , yet the black clouds within,

showered for a moment and drenched in another ,
dry as a leaf , or moist as lather ,
soaked in thoughts and moved by the wind ,
yet nothing seems to change , almost nothing,

And there passes the time one tick after another ,
taking life by its side ……
…….hand in hand towards a new world , a new wait ,a new order.

1 comment:

Subuhi said...

The new order of life beckons the past as much as we do... It's foundations are laid on the same ground, on the same framework where we've walked hand in hand with despair.

Strange but true this didactic realm of living ensues too much of a confusion... but still the light emanates from the numerous opportunities and it's just a matter of choice either to give up or to embrace...

Am glad that you're willing to embrace and haven't given up...