Tuesday, November 25, 2008

don’t know why….

It’s a fight…….. between a lone self and an unknown world.

Sometimes there comes a phase in our life which is blank …as blank as it can be.. with not a single beam of light….complete darkness. A phase where our mind ceases to exist, where our heart pounds a thousand beats in a go, where our wishes run ahead of us without really knowing what is it that we really want, when reality ceases to be real . The world seems to buzz with activity , running as a back ground to our life which seems so still, that it looks as if it has frozen forever…the past seems to knock at our door, which we try to close with all our might… coz it was not the best of things that we really wanted or still want somewhere deep down…its total chaos …confusion…admiration and then rebellion…its one of those phases where life seems to exist just for the sake of existing…its that night sleepless as never before…its those eyes,
numb with apprehension , its that voice in a distance that constantly pulls towards it …its all in the mind …….which is fortunately or unfortunately ruled by the heart…and this indeed is the reason behind all the problems….coz it makes the ground unsteady ….the ground of life …..The measuring tape of sanity.

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