Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The varied mysteries of life

Life involves so much of planning, setting of goals and building castles in the dreams, least do we know what life has in store for us, but inspite of not knowing what’s coming up next…we plan, plan and plan. Recently I read a news extract that said that a young man died, the reason being that he took part in a pastry eating competition where the pasty that he ate in a hurry blocked his wind pipe and he chocked to death…its surprising how a happy and casual event took someone’s life...don’t think the young man had ever imagined that an occasion where he was having fun could be his last…but life plays its always has ...its for us to decide if we want to brood over the past, be anxious about the future or decide, to enjoy each moment that comes our way…coz no one knows when the strings of life slip through our hands and get swallowed by the ever sharpened claws of death . Live life while you can ………….Responsibly…but without being nervous about what life has in store for us …..because no one has ever known, neither anyone ever can unfold the varied mysteries of life.

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