Thursday, November 20, 2008

The play of words

Remonstrate /prostrate: two words with completely different meaning yet some where or the other both these words are used to describe a situation. Some people are comfortable with the latter while some come to terms with the former. Remonstrate means to protest or complain while prostrate means powerlessness to face down. All the human beings in this world have dealt with both the situations at some point of time in their lives, they might have remonstrated or prostrated.
When we are faced with something that has to be dealt with at every cost we tend to remonstrate, we raise our voice and fight against the injustice pelted on us. On the other hand when situations are such that we do not have any other choice but to give in, we prostrate, generally this feeling arises when we feel helpless and power less in front of the problems that we face, we decide not to go on any longer.Its human nature to experience such feelings in life, but one thing is clear it’s for us to decide what we want to choose. If we choose to remonstrate, we end up more satisfied because it is backed by the feeling of at least having tried to survive, whereas when we give up or prostrate we let ourselves down because that is when we loose all hope on ourselves.
Looking forward to a determined and positive life its necessary to quit the “p” word.

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