Monday, November 10, 2008

A distorted puzzle

Is it true that life is biased , good for a few and bad for the rest or its just that we create our own situations in life , we take life for granted and then blame it for all the negitivity that is inculcated. Its like the difference between deserving and getting, what you deserve you might not get and what you get you may not deserve . Life is a jigsaw puzzle , we put the pieces in the wrong places and then blame the picture for being ugly and distorted .We need to learn the right meaning of life and the right path that can be that we just don't survive , but live our lives , a life which is less complex and more at ease with itself.

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Subuhi said...

Life would lose out to ts true meaning if the pieces of the puzzle fall in their right places without us manouevering them... Life has to be lived, moreover it has to be put together from the never ending choices of The GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY... And the one who truly lives is the one who least complains, for s/he has learnt to ignore the ephemeral tribulations and the trivial trials of LIFE