Thursday, October 30, 2008

The search is on.........

Who am I but a handful of soil ready to grow desires,
Who am I but the bright blue sky reaching up higher and higher,
Who am I but a wish so strong trying to mould the world,
Who am I but the love that’s gone never to look back or return,
Who am I but the wide blue ocean gripped by the storms of time,
Who am I but selfless devotion, devoted to the power divine,
Who am I but the sand of time with a brand new tale of its own,
Who am I but an innocent wish............... lost in its own discord:)

Every individual is someone, someone who needs to be explored. Through the journey of life we have been given a task to find out who that someone is and what is the motive behind coming in this world. Each one of us has been sent with a motive, a motive that we spend the rest of our lives understanding, confused at what life has in store for us. The answer might be simple but is the toughest to discover, and the waiting……well that seems to be the longest. In this quest of the search for oneself, our desires and the choices made by us play an important role. One wrong choice and we loose the track and one right decision takes us way ahead. Life indeed is demanding and so are we .Its a tug of war between life and the indiviual…..and our desires can be our supporters or our enemies. Each one of us nurtures a desire……a desire to reach out to the unknown.

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