Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dreams are a part and parcel of a our life .When we shut our eyes we don’t plan what’s gonna come next, but dreams tell us a new story, not every day, maybe only when our mind is completely shut off from the world around us, shut off completely and in unison with our soul .There is a big difference between dreams and real life .. a dream has its own well formed goals, while reality waits for the goals to be formed and then broken for convenience sake. I was just wondering, are dreams a signal for something that is about to happen, are dreams setting goals for us, most of us would indeed agree that dreams are our desires, fulfilled or unfulfilled, closed in the treasure box, reveling itself only when the curtains are drawn…curtains, our eyes , windows to explore the real world and the one formed through our dreams . My poem explores one such dream formed behind the closed curtains…….

I dreamt ones of a long road ,a road with a fence of love ,
Where flowers bloomed on both the sides and a wide blue sky above;

The long road that I dreamt of , was but a part of me ,
ready to move on and yet confused , as to where destiny would be.

The road was long, with ups and downs, I stumbled and slipped at places,
the desire to move was so strong, that the wound left with its traces.

I still dream of the long road in harmony with my soul,
There I stand at the centre, ready to take on as before.

But as I dream of the long road I note a change in me,
Looking at the sky above I smile, to the heavens, in glee.

Oh dear sky I always thought ,I would meet you by the end of the road,
I pity myself for being so vague, I think I never dreamt before,
Its someone I met who has shown me the way , the way to be one with you,
you were never too far, but its just that , my ambitions never grew ,

With new found wings I am leaving the road, to be one with the sky,
and I know one day I’ll move further up enhancing the ability to fly.

And then I would touch the roots and will make a connecting path,
well grounded on the road below while touching the beautiful sky above .

This very path would form a way for all the people like me,
who feel lost, on the road of life, while writing their destiny.

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