Thursday, October 16, 2008

The familiar tie

Certain words leave such a lasting effect that we are amazed at their power, the power to mould the lines on our face and bend them into a downward curve. Lines that may just strike that familiar cord , the one we thought was lost with time , and who else can create such magic then the refreshing fragrance of good old friendship, fresh as flowers full of dew, that cast a spell of love with unshaken faith , sealed and strengthened through the tests of time.
“Today I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you. The smile on my face is a reflection of our friendship. So don’t let it fade”, might just sound like a simple message to anyone, but one who receives it early in the morning as a reminder of the ever green, ever lasting tie, it makes a world of difference. True friendship is all about words, sometimes unspoken yet loud enough to leave a resounding effect forever. Friendship is all about time, that passes by, and each time it does, it leaves a lasting fragrance, that sprouts up and smears our memories oft and on. Friendship is all about being there, though not visible all the time, yet in the form of an invisible presence, the force that helps us to move on.Friendship is a feeling, a feeling of being complete, a feeling that gives us the courage to fight against all odds, a feeling that makes us realize that we are special, a feeling that comes from that one person, our friend , our buddy , the giver of a secure future and a happy today.

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