Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The unspoken

Relationships .What are they all about? What do they mean? Sometimes a stranger in disguise, and sometimes someone known yet never understood. What does time hold for such relationships .I haven’t known M for long. Yet I understand each word that is pronounced. I haven’t understood what it is to be happy yet so much in pain, yet I‘ve known this feeling since long. A used to tell me it’s for you; M says that it’s for her. Pain a story retold by life, there are certain cords through which it can be felt, even if we are not the ones who’re suffering it…it matters because it disturbs those we love.Relationships have a strange nature. You’re not even aware and a cord is struck, then a few words full of warmth, the blessed aura, the peace and the solace .You can’t choose your relationships in life, however aware you might be , you can’t choose words to categorise them , however well versed you are.I know there won’t be a verbal exchange, I’ll fall short of words if there ever is, each word that is exchanged, non verbally, has the power to say everything.Even silence has the power, it always did, I’ve known it for long , have known it from someone who’ll stay in my memories till my dying day.I am silent and yet my eyes go numb. Why is it you, who has to bear the brunt?But remember one thing my dearest soul mate …you’re a part of every prayer I recite each day.

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Subuhi said...

I am lost at words, as you rightly say however much well versed, there are certain choices that leave us tongue tied.

But, this life isn't about words, or the conversations held for hours... it's about sitting for hours together with no verbal outflow from any but still a meaningful camardarie gets forged in iron. As, then we perceive through what we were supposed to - our hearts. Too much thinking dilutes the real essence of any relationship... when heart speaks, the reasonance is much stronger than any word to ever fall on our ears.

Your M would be real grateful to her God, to have you. I know I am.
God bless