Sunday, October 5, 2008


Who creates misunderstandings? Are they created by us or is it that they just occur out of nowhere making our lives miserable. What ever the reason may be they sure do take a toll on our lives. For instance if all of a sudden a friend starts behaving rudely or a person whom we are familiar with turns a blind eye and acts as if we do not exist, it sure hurts . But can we let such misunderstandings disturb us so much that we consider each relationship a mistake. I really don’t think so. But what if we just leave It to that , I think if we just keep the situation hanging loose there will come a day when there will be no one to call our own, since everyone will be too angry to sort things out with the other. Whether one calls it a compromise or might give oneself credit for being the first one to take a step forward, the fact remains it’s always good to clear your doubt. Sometimes the issues are so trivial, that you’re amazed at their ability for having cased trouble. Life is a journey and a long one at that, it is full of uncertainties and while we travel we should make sure that the journey is smooth………..too many bumps makes one feel puckish.

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