Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Breakthrough

Yesterday I saw a movie called Wednesday…….it highlights the plight of the common man and how even if a single person takes a step forward difference can be made.Each one of us struggles through life , sometimes the challenges are big, sometimes they are trivial enough to be left on time ……well that happens most of the time as we tend to mould ourselves according to the situations that arise. But what if all of a sudden we decide to call it quits , what if we decide to close ourselves in a cocoon , shut off from the outer world…but for how long can that happen ….. For how long can a social being stay alive surrounded by nothing but his shadow? That’s where determination creeps in, making inroads into our decision and shaking the very foundation of what we considered to be right .These are the times that we decide to step out and feel the air, be it hot or cold, regulating ourselves according to our surroundings ……….not a herd mentality, but just a struggle to exist , and its one of us who steps a bit further, venturing into the unknown, determined to set things right and bring the ultimate change ……the change that we have foreseen since ages, the change towards a reunion between peace and mankind.

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