Monday, November 10, 2008


The soft breeze that passes by,
the sun that shines in the sky,
the tiny drops of drooping dew ,
the ancient tree ,the sky so blue ,
the flower full of colour red,
the eyes so moist with love and care,
the warmth of the wrinkle laden hands,
unspoken words , a smile at hand ,

The age of careless innocence,
unselfish love and selfless friends ,
the lonely swing that touched the sky ,
the dancing rain , the butterflies,

the tattered boat in the self made stream,
the chocolates in the drowsy dreams ,
the curling up in the warmth of a lap,
the little doll , the big brown cat,

Oh how I ‘d love to go back to those day,
Of innocence of love of fondness of grace,
a small world a world of my own,
with tender love and sweet abode,

Today I stand in the midst of life,that has changed,
yet compels me to derive,
the beautiful memories of bygone days
that keep coming back in every other phase,
I caress and cherish them oft and on,
they feel so pure and full of warmth,
and whenever I am stuck with complexities,
The old fond memories curl up,……. right next to me.

1 comment:

Subuhi said...

Go ahead... extend your hand... lend your bygone a face... and warmth will return beautiful and intricate as delicate lace.