Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tick tock tick,
and there it goes,
another minute , an hour, a day and more.

Loneliness stays as it always has,
surrounded by a crowd, yet a void intact.

A new wait ,each day as it comes,
a new morning, yet the good old sun,
winters set in bringing in the familiar chill,
a bright blue sky , yet the black clouds within,

showered for a moment and drenched in another ,
dry as a leaf , or moist as lather ,
soaked in thoughts and moved by the wind ,
yet nothing seems to change , almost nothing,

And there passes the time one tick after another ,
taking life by its side ……
…….hand in hand towards a new world , a new wait ,a new order.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is the world up to, suffereing, pain, war , gore. roth and ultimate pain is all I can see.Be it innocent kids , mature adults or the old people who cannot believe their eyes......what is it that got the roth to the precious wealth that has decorated this world ever since it was made , which though careless is conscious about the beauty of love ...which is well known as humanity. Have people lost the meaning of being humane .I for my part am a mere spectataor, who cannot do much since I am taken aback by the deterioration and havoc taking place in the small world I reside in . Its complete madness........insanity.Is it that easy to kill people , to make them suffer and then glorifying it in the spirit of revenge. When a simple human being dosent have the power to bear pain how can he give it to someone else. Humans were always scared of dangerous beasts which could harm them, they still are , the only diffference that I see now is that human beings have turned into beasts ...beasts of hatred towards one another. Whoever the sufferer might be , it is someone who is being hurt, that too a stranger you've never met, is this kind of violence justified at any cost?............I don't think so.I really don't.
Oh God let there be peace in the world us humans to become a bit more humane and save the love that ones resided in our hearts and has taken leave from it ...Aameen

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

don’t know why….

It’s a fight…….. between a lone self and an unknown world.

Sometimes there comes a phase in our life which is blank …as blank as it can be.. with not a single beam of light….complete darkness. A phase where our mind ceases to exist, where our heart pounds a thousand beats in a go, where our wishes run ahead of us without really knowing what is it that we really want, when reality ceases to be real . The world seems to buzz with activity , running as a back ground to our life which seems so still, that it looks as if it has frozen forever…the past seems to knock at our door, which we try to close with all our might… coz it was not the best of things that we really wanted or still want somewhere deep down…its total chaos …confusion…admiration and then rebellion…its one of those phases where life seems to exist just for the sake of existing…its that night sleepless as never before…its those eyes,
numb with apprehension , its that voice in a distance that constantly pulls towards it …its all in the mind …….which is fortunately or unfortunately ruled by the heart…and this indeed is the reason behind all the problems….coz it makes the ground unsteady ….the ground of life …..The measuring tape of sanity.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The play of words

Remonstrate /prostrate: two words with completely different meaning yet some where or the other both these words are used to describe a situation. Some people are comfortable with the latter while some come to terms with the former. Remonstrate means to protest or complain while prostrate means powerlessness to face down. All the human beings in this world have dealt with both the situations at some point of time in their lives, they might have remonstrated or prostrated.
When we are faced with something that has to be dealt with at every cost we tend to remonstrate, we raise our voice and fight against the injustice pelted on us. On the other hand when situations are such that we do not have any other choice but to give in, we prostrate, generally this feeling arises when we feel helpless and power less in front of the problems that we face, we decide not to go on any longer.Its human nature to experience such feelings in life, but one thing is clear it’s for us to decide what we want to choose. If we choose to remonstrate, we end up more satisfied because it is backed by the feeling of at least having tried to survive, whereas when we give up or prostrate we let ourselves down because that is when we loose all hope on ourselves.
Looking forward to a determined and positive life its necessary to quit the “p” word.

The decision to move on

Today I read an article on moving on, where the writer talks about the fact that it is always practicle to move on when someone dosent seem to care for you, however close the relationship might be .
Is it really that easy to move on......easy I think is just not the word that can be taken into consideration. When you are in a relationship, be it of any kind, you give your all to it , every relationship is nurtured with care, its like a seed that you grow , the seed symbolises the attempt to come forward and commit yourself to a relationship.
You see it grow with time , it takes all your care, love and dedication. One fine day the seed grows into a fully grown plant , symbolising a relationship that blossoms with love, then one day you realise that the plant begins to wither away. A relationship that ones formed the very epitome of your life stagnates with time .
Will it be easy to leave it to rot and plant another one or decide to be on your own for the rest of your life ?
Relationship is a bitter journey crossing the thick and thins of life , when the ride seems to get bumpy its always good to change the road , the only problem being that no one knows what waits at the end of the new road .... a new beginning or a dead end.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An unkept conscience............

Life a continuous struggle….a struggle within a self,
a self as lonesome as ever …..Struggling through the ups and downs,
a struggle that continues …..Ever lasting and ever disturbing.

Down the passage of the guilty shore, lays a conscience … unkept yet restored..there comes a wave and splashes through …the dreams the discords, the light, the hue,
then begins a journey ..on the never ending path ….with the reiterating steps of a conscious past ……but there lies as it always has ….a conscience ever ready to fight its past.

The varied mysteries of life

Life involves so much of planning, setting of goals and building castles in the dreams, least do we know what life has in store for us, but inspite of not knowing what’s coming up next…we plan, plan and plan. Recently I read a news extract that said that a young man died, the reason being that he took part in a pastry eating competition where the pasty that he ate in a hurry blocked his wind pipe and he chocked to death…its surprising how a happy and casual event took someone’s life...don’t think the young man had ever imagined that an occasion where he was having fun could be his last…but life plays its always has ...its for us to decide if we want to brood over the past, be anxious about the future or decide, to enjoy each moment that comes our way…coz no one knows when the strings of life slip through our hands and get swallowed by the ever sharpened claws of death . Live life while you can ………….Responsibly…but without being nervous about what life has in store for us …..because no one has ever known, neither anyone ever can unfold the varied mysteries of life.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The soft breeze that passes by,
the sun that shines in the sky,
the tiny drops of drooping dew ,
the ancient tree ,the sky so blue ,
the flower full of colour red,
the eyes so moist with love and care,
the warmth of the wrinkle laden hands,
unspoken words , a smile at hand ,

The age of careless innocence,
unselfish love and selfless friends ,
the lonely swing that touched the sky ,
the dancing rain , the butterflies,

the tattered boat in the self made stream,
the chocolates in the drowsy dreams ,
the curling up in the warmth of a lap,
the little doll , the big brown cat,

Oh how I ‘d love to go back to those day,
Of innocence of love of fondness of grace,
a small world a world of my own,
with tender love and sweet abode,

Today I stand in the midst of life,that has changed,
yet compels me to derive,
the beautiful memories of bygone days
that keep coming back in every other phase,
I caress and cherish them oft and on,
they feel so pure and full of warmth,
and whenever I am stuck with complexities,
The old fond memories curl up,……. right next to me.

A distorted puzzle

Is it true that life is biased , good for a few and bad for the rest or its just that we create our own situations in life , we take life for granted and then blame it for all the negitivity that is inculcated. Its like the difference between deserving and getting, what you deserve you might not get and what you get you may not deserve . Life is a jigsaw puzzle , we put the pieces in the wrong places and then blame the picture for being ugly and distorted .We need to learn the right meaning of life and the right path that can be that we just don't survive , but live our lives , a life which is less complex and more at ease with itself.