Friday, March 19, 2010

Tame Your Fears!

Yesterday I saw a painting of a lion sitting comfortably in a living room, with a little girl resting against it and reading a book. I've seen this painting many times before, on my visits to my cousins' place and it has always given me a lot of peace. I could never explain why it had such a soothing effect on me! Yesterday, when I saw it again, a big fact of life knocked at my mind....don't we all have fears? In the painting like the little girl rests against a lion, we too rest against our fears but don't ever let them take over , because life has to be lived with courage.
Our shortcomings, our fears, our failure, all this is a part of the game called life , we just have to be good jugglers, juggling with the good and the bad and striking a balance in our life. Sometimes the negative becomes heavier and tumbles down but that doesn't stop life from going on, it does come to a standstill for sometime, or it seems to be the case but time flows away and heals every thing.
Our courage to take life as it comes should never fade away. We are never too far from the positive, neither are we too close to the negative, the courage to conquer our fears, sets things right!

Looking at the painting, I realised that our fear walks with us, where ever we may be, but we should never let it overtake our path...when we overcome the negativity in our life, we can always be at peace with ourselves and our life would be touched with a serene smile in turn giving us the courage to walk with our fears.
You must be thinking as to why I've chosen a lion to be a symbol of our fears, well that's what they seem to be when they scare us, but when we turn them into a tamed pet that's when our courage to brave life comes in the forefront!
Tame your fears........ they'll never be able to take over!


Ellen said...

Sana! this is lovely! This does not need comments, otherwise it would seem like gilding the lily. lols :-)

Samvedna said...

very inspirational pearls of wisdom!!!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ellen (gilding the lily..lols ;))and Samvedna :)

Jayant Post said...

a lovely post from you again... fear is the root of everything... whatever we do in our life is only because of an unseen fear inside us... because of that fear, we work or study, we laugh or even get angry... but unknowingly we always overcome that fear but the moment we do it, another fear again makes its way and thus life goes on... thanks sana for sharing this beautiful thought..

Anya said...

Cool painting REALLY :-)

Have a wonderful sunday


KParthasarathi said...

Very nicely expressed,Sana

A New Beginning said...

Very True Jayant, thanks for reflecting on the thought :)

Thanks Anya and Gp,have a great week ahead!!:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

Greetings and good wishes:)

It is greatly admirable that you have made a lovely post with instruction and deep meaning by looking at a portrait.

I agree fear is the worst thing that a person can have because it has the capacity to criple our thoughts and activiites. It makes us doubtful of our abilities to overcome our difficulties and achieve our goals.


But when a person goes beyong the realms of fear, he will find complete freedom and power. As long as we keep fear under control and hold it as a motivator, we will achieve the impossible.


If you really look at it, fear is nothing but a figment of our imagination. We imagine this thing to happen, that thing to happen, that project to fail, the various obstacles which may crop up but actually nothing happens. Even if something bad happens we find a way to surmount it.

Yes, I agree with you. Let us overcome fear, let us not let fear overtake us, let it not hinder us in achieving our goals and ambitions.

This reminds me of another saying:EITHER I WILL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE. This kind of thoughts gives us courage and confidence to overcome fear and succeed.

Kudos to you for this wonderful post.

Have a nice day Sana:)

Princess said...

hi Sana,

yeah i got your response in my blog, dun wry dear..

and for this post, what to say!!
you always amuse me with the way you find inspiration from the things you come across in our day to day lives..

lovely post, tis like you see the thing several times yet at one point you realize it has more to say than we see :)

Zayida said...

Wonderful post sana..worth reading.

Yes,little fears inside us mostly come as obstacles to our talents undisclosed,abilities undelivered and dreams unfulfilled..we get it sometimes through the genes i guess just like super courage and dareness some people said the right word..the fear has to be tamed and until they leave us and it is only possible by leaping in facing the feared impossible!rt?

Kiran said...

Sana, Great post about fear.. And the balance that we people loses when we are living it often.. the positivity or neutrality we are and the negativity we feel that we are, during some times..

Recently my friend messaged me, time-love-knowledge The relation with both... time heals, love heals and knowledge heals..

Let us be aware that even when we feel we are negative, something is readily available and preparing us, showing kindness to us in going forward...

Let going forward be our motto.. Let not losing smile be our greatest desire..

Your post made me think of my fear too.. And the awareness that makes our fear disappear somewhere..

Nice thoughts Sana :-)

SindhuBhairavi said...

very well expressed.. as always!! you are right.. life needs a lot of juggling!! :)

by the way .. see we have a post on fear by Joseph Sir too!! i enjoyed that as well.. words of wisdom.. from those who have seen more life than us..

Thanks sana.. for the beautiful and inspiring post..

Thanks Joseph sir, a lot of us too gain the goodness from your comment.

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice post and well put. This reminds me of what God said, "fear not for I am with thee". So when ever I am afraid I pray for guidance. Have a nice week. Thank you for coming by.

A New Beginning said...

Hello Mr. Joseph, I totally agree with you, your comment is a beautiful post in itself, I agree with Sindhu, Do keep inspiring us with your comments, Ive learnt a lot from them.Thanks a ton :)

Very True Aiz, theres a lot to talk about, our world is full of beautiful things :)

Thanks for agreeing Zayida, yes and I agree that fear hampers our growth in more ways than one..

You said it Kiran.."let going forward be our motto, Let not losing smile be our greatest desire.."
thanks for such a delightful thought!

Yes I agree with you Sindhu, our elders have a wealth of knowledge, they inspire us towards a great life, Mr. Joseph is truely a blessing for us...theres a lot we can learn from him :)

"fear not for I am with thee", thanks for sharing such encouraging lines Margaret, it's true that God looks after us, there's nothing to fear :)

Whirlwind said...

Very thought provoking and uaseful for many who are lurking in some fear within.

AJai said...

nice allegory. very well put. :)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Shwetha and Ajai, have a nice day :)

lostworld said...

Lovely lovely post ..I do agree. I also believe that fear is a choice. It can be overcome once we set our mind to it (or pushed to a corner) whichever happens first! Isn't it?! :-)

Raghav said...

I don't know about your painting, but the first picture in this post is sure as hell scary!!!

That apart, this is a very inspirational post!
Nicely written!

A New Beginning said...

Yup lost world, we sure can overcome our fears and thanks for coming, hope to see you again :)

Hi Raghav, welcome to the blog, dont be scared its just a pic :)

Aparna said...

Overcoming my fear is perhaps the biggest challenge I faced in my life. Though I can not truthfully say it was easy. Or that I succeeded completely.
Beautiful post.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Last line is amazing, it is just amazing. :)

RGB said...

Very thought-provoking.

May said...

Powerful and inspiring post.