Monday, October 31, 2011


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Life is the most precious gift of God. We human beings get scared at the name of death, such is our love for life. We bless each other a long life, when we're happy with someone we truly wish that the person has a great life. Such is our love for life that when faced with danger our first thought is to save our lives, when breathing our last we still wish to cling on to whatever life we have at hand and pray that the life after death be blessed with heaven.
The relation between life and us is like a fertile ground for a plant, if there's no earth, there's no plant ..nothing at all. It's very easy to ignore life, but very difficult to let go of it....
I just need to ask those people who take life casually and call it names, If it was possible and they were asked to donate their life to someone and embrace death...would they be able to do that???????? Why don't we understand that it's important to realise the value of life before it's too late!!!
There are many sources of thanklessness...ways to shamelessly waste ones life..and there are people who not only embrace such ways but also can't think of living without them.The ways that lead to the tunnel of suffering and pain.....Drinking, Chewing tobacco,Smoking,Doing Drugs.. And many other things that maybe some of us cannot imagine.
Smoking and Chewing tobacco have become as casual a habit as having food. Though food gives us energy, the former wastes away the good effects of everything healthy.
We plan our life with our families, marriages take place, our lives are taken forward by our kids, but why do we forget that if we are not Healthy, we are knowingly murdering our health, what good can that bring to our family, the people we love more than maybe our life??
A Wife watches her husband smoke, she knows he has a drinking problem, she pleads, she begs but to no avail and finally those pleadings resound in the ears of the man when there's no way to go back...he succumbs to his habit.. God forbid that happens to anyone, because nothing can be more painful then losing the people we love.
What would a smoke give you, what would a shot do, when it gives you problems in giving a comfortable life to people who love you, Your bad health will give them pain, your habit will give them pain, your sufferings are yours but what about those who suffer because of you!!!
It's time for change, it's time to realise that life is greater and more important than addictions...
Yes it is true that life is not a bed of roses, but don't try to blur your sorrows in the shackles of smoke or other harmful addictions, since life can be made rosy, but the thorns reaped by bad habits leave a wound that cannot be cured.

This is what a loved one says to another

You brought cheer to my life, Everything was new..
You brought happiness abound, I believe in you,
You smoked and said it kept you happy, But why wasn't I happy too?
You promised I'd be happy, Promises were broken and so were my prayers for you,
I still hope and I still long, to bring you out of the smoky storm,
There will be a day, when you will understand,
what my heart goes through when I see smoke in your hands,
They say it's true that love alone can bring one out of the deepest hallows,
I plead to you to quit at once before my heart breaks beyond recognition.


Ellen said...

It's a fine blog you have written. A very good reminder to people who indulge in smoking and prohibited drugs. May they realize it soon enough before it becomes to late that it never is good for them in any way.

Blessings to you, Sana. :-)

anilkurup said...

Did something prompt you to touch these chords?
Decent write up.
But you know there are some who rock with life and then go rather than bend, kneel and crawl all the way to the grave. some who take death as dear as living.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

anything in excess is bad.. within a limit its all fine I beleive
although i dont smoke or take drugs..

one shud enjoy all :)


A said...

No smoking. No drinking for me.

Like your last verses so much :)))

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Ellen, Anil, Bikramjit and A, my inspiration behind this write-up are innumerable families that break or suffer because a single memnbver has one such habit. I think it's important to undestand life before just wasting it away.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hai, after long time i guess..

@We human beings get scared at the name of death, such is our love for life.

Yes, such is our love..

That's a good point u made here.. some people dearly welcome death by doing all such, at the same time they want to live .. hmm.. at least they much think about the people who love them.>!

Good one..

Margaret Cloud said...

A great post on life and its pitfalls. We are here on earth for a brief time and should take care of ourselves/

A said...


A beautiful post. Love(ly) post I should say.

Saras said...

When you express your deep concern for your loved ones and request them to stay away from bad habits I am sure it will work. Nothing is more powerful than REAL LOVE. Reading your Blog is like a Breath of Fresh Air!