Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mystery that leads to the best

Life is not always what you think it is, it leaves you quite puzzled at times. Sometimes it seems as if everything has fallen into place and sometimes all you've thought, seems to be a castle of cards, ready to break away with the slightest gush of wind.
Why is it that what we perceive is not what things are all about. There are so many layers to reality that sometimes reality itself seems unreal.
We turn the pages of life and all of a sudden we come across a page that we had long forgotten, and then the present seems so unlike what our past was all about.
We are born free only to grow up and find innumerable boundaries all around us, and we realise that what we called freedom was but a part within the boundaries drawn around us by the world.
Certain realisations catch us by surprise, certain people we know are not the same, friends remain but in name, pangs of survival keeps us tide to the bonds we would otherwise like to break.
Life is a surprise, a surprise that catches us unawares every now and then, and then makes us think..."oh, but this is not what I had in mind!"
But something that I've realised through the course of my life is that whatever happens has something good behind it. That good may not reveal itself at that very instance, but we do figure it out as we sail in the waters of the passing times.

A bird sat on a flower, caught by its beauty,
It got lost in its colour and the amazing serenity.
All of a sudden a gush of wind made her realise,
that the flower was but very fragile,
It blew with the wind and the hasty gush,
The bird felt sad and left in a huff,
why is it that God didn't feel mercy, on such a beautiful creation of his own artistry.
As the bird flew it looked down upon the fields, a little girl held the same flower feebly...
She was thanking God for the beautiful flower she now had , "I'll give it to my mother coz she's very sad,
she toils from the crack of the day to the late eve ,
I'll make her happy with the little flower that has nice red petals and beautiful green leaves,
it would lessen my mothers sadness for sure, and would bring a smile on the face, that smiles no more."
The bird who was a witness to the whole journey, said that indeed life is God's mystery,
he does things that we can never understand,
but when we finally do,
we fall short of words of thanks...
Thank God for giving me all I didn't pray for,
Coz these are the things that I needed indeed.


RGB said...

Oh, that's such a lovely thought. And so true. Things happen for our good, even if they may seem unfair temporarily.

KParthasarathi said...

I stand dazed by the beauty of your post and have fallen short of words much like the bird to explain the mystical charm in your musings.Thanks a bunch,Sana

anilkurup said...

The beauty you described - are they created to make us human beings happy? Or are we an aberration amongst all those beautiful creations?

dr.antony said...

Like others said,it is a lovely thought.
No need to thank...any one or any thing.God created the world the way He wanted it.And then he runs it the way He wants.If you believe that much,then the rest is simple.Even the flower you said,was flown off because He wanted it so.
There is a saying..Dhane Dhane me likha hai khanewale ka naam.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

dont know what to say , or to write to do justice to what i have just read


A said...

Beautiful write up and an excellent poem. Really liked it.

Whirlwind said...

Amazing and a beautiful post Sana!!Loved the poem especially.

SG said...

Super. Beautiful poem. Your thoughts expressed very well. Life is not only mystery but lots of time it is full of surprise also.

A New Beginning said...

Thats True RGB, very true indeed :)

Its a pleasure Gp, your stories have an even better effect :)

Its the way we take it Anil :)

:) Dr. Antony, a word of thanks is very important, coz it makes us realise how blessed we are. If we are thankless and just take things for granted, life would lose its meaning.

Thanks Bikram :)

Thanks A :)

Thanks Swetha :)

True Sg!:)

Tara said...

great lines and the last lines are superb !

Samvedna said...

We can nevr decipher god's work or intentions, so we must take evrything he gives us or does with a lot of gratitude.

Jayant Post said...

How do you express things with such subtlety? Its so delicate yet so matured. loved it simply and the poetry is awesome...

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Tara and welcome to the Blog :)

Very True Sanvedna, I totally agree with you.

Thanks Jayant, waiting for your next post :)

Haddock said...

Thought provoking.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Sana:)

You have crystallized the essence of life in lovely words and an enchanting poem.

I agree surprises are in store for us every moment of our life.I just can't imagine a life without surprises.

Best wishes:)

Anonymous said...

//something that I've realised through the course of my life is that whatever happens has something good behind it.//

this is what i believe too.. thanks for the lovely post dear friend. Your way of writing is similar to mine when i first started writing taking nature and comparing it with life :)