Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It just takes a few words to break or mend a heart

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There are three kind of people in this world, well not three actually,there are many other kinds. But in this post I'm going to discuss three kinds of people, A, B and C.

A is that category of people who think that they can say anything to anyone and walk away with it. They can hurt you with their comments, they can be as liberal with their taunts as possible.

B is that category which puts its head down and listens to what A has to tell them. They listen to the taunts, unable to say anything in return, maybe out of respect or otherwise, and later they shed a tear or two and forget everything, only to remember all, after a fresh attack.

C is a very interesting category, though close to B they try to form a bridge between A and B. They justify all that A does and console B of it being a passing phase, but the reality is that this phase never passes and returns with renewed energy.One things very interesting about this category is, that they console B and tell them not to react to A's actions, but if something even slightly similar happens to them they're all out with wroth for a person who plays a role of A in their life.....the matter might not be similar at all.

Well all that's very complex, life itself is very complicated at times, so let's just keep it simple.
All that I want to say is, ones pain is ones own.No one can understand it and no one can ever imagine as to how much pain an individual is going through.People tell you to end it all, because ending might just be an easy option for them.We blame people of overreacting, without realising what all is going inside another human being. Justifications are given and people are consoled , but a heart knows its own story... A story that can never be seen, heard or felt by anyone else.

Things happen to you because you let them happen to you.
You react, you're one notices the person who caused the reaction.
You listen and you keep listening for the rest of your life.

Life comes with a lot of queries, decisions, a few answers and a lot of hesitations. But what matters is your belief in yourself and God, the one who definitely makes life easier for you....much easier than you thought it could ever be.


Whirlwind said...

This is so true. Though I've always wondered about the Type A people. Wonder what gives them the right to say and do anything without any regard to others's feelings.Encountered a lot of them in my life.

Bikramjit said...

very nicely put and i liked that line .. things happen to you beacause we let them happen .. its time to change that

and True what you say self beleif is a must .. people have done wonders when they have had a beleif in them and Gone for it ..

I have been category B for a long time .. Trying ot change that slowly

KParthasarathi said...

I can relate to this very well as I belonged to the C category foolishly advising B restraint even when there was no justification nor had the temerity to talk to A about the unreasonableness of A's stand.
I realised my mistake only very late though B was gracious enough to overlook my lapse.
Certain things are to be made clear in the first instance but the tradition and customs in the family stand in the way of taking sides.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for your views Swetha, yes we encounter a lot of such people, but I've realised it the hard way that, its only when we change, people change around us.

Yes Bikram, may the change be positive and encouraging.

Yes GP,I know but a balance is a must, one can't just keep taking sides and justifying behaviour that's unreasonable. Traditions and customs are great only till the time they don't come in the way of our happiness.
Realisation comes to the wise:)