Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 3

My next step was a drive to Kufri. "An enjoyable drive through forests and small villages leads to this small but popular station."My first stop was the VIP helipad, I didnt find any big deal in it being a place where VIP helicopters land, but the scenic beauty all around the area was something that I enjoyed a lot.

(Yak- a unique mountain ride)

(Wild flowers spread their beauty all around the place)
As we drove further, we ( me and my family) reached a place where we were asked to take up a ride on the horses to reach several other destinations, as a car wasn't allowed to go any further. Though my brothers were all excited about the ride, my parents showed their reluctance. Company matters however beautiful a place may be. I decided that I would stay back with them, while my brothers would proceed with their ride....and it was indeed a great decision, since in order to make our trip interesting I inquired about the places that we would walk to and got to know that the zoo and the chini bungalow were great places that can be visited, so we started walking, all excited to explore the places....
(The beautiful white wolf)
The zoo (though did not have too many animals ) was a treat to the eyes and a big hug from nature..it was amazing..a small path, with huge trees on both the sides and big segregated areas for animals with an excellent provision of security...it was just great.
(The tall tress touched the sky)
I was surprised, that even after walking for miles on end, I wasn't as tired as I should have been...maybe the motherly charm of nature had taken care of my well being and its beauty had given my eyes a break from the stiff concrete that I had left behind in the city:)
After a great visit at the zoo, we made our way to the Chini bunglow...the famous place where during the Shimla Agreement, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan respectively, stayed. After my eyes had feasted on the impeccable beauty of nature, the bunglow didnt have much of an effect on my senses..nonetheless the importance of the place made the visit worth while.

(This is where the horse ride took people)
Here I was rejoined by the rest of my family who had come back from their horse ride..the stories of their visit made me all the more happy about my decision of staying back ;) a steamy plate of noddles and nice hot cups of tea brought the various experiences and made them dance on a single table....we went back to shimla...the night had a lot to share on the mall road which was brimming with life..


AJai said...

hey that bull or whatever looks scary!!!!
he he... have fun babe... rock on. :)

Zayida said...

Sana,wer was the zoo by the way??and did u miss the snakes at kufri??The pictures remind me of my visit...but it looks rather a new place without any snow down there!:)..We went trekking up on ice wearing long boots and rode on the horses way down...thats a diff xperience sana!

A New Beginning said...

Ya quite different Zayida :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sana:)

Very interesting tour to the high ranges, lovely scenery, serene pollution free surrounding, cool atmosphere and exciting time.

I always wanted to take a break from my job and go to places like these. But at the moment it is impossible for me to go any where because all my business come through the mobile and if I am not there the business will be lost.

When I was working with Avery India I was practically traveling 2000 to 2500 km. a month. I used to frequently go to Munnar, which is a hill station in Kerala. Of course when you go on business one tends to miss out the beauty and charm of the place. I have driven through so many hair pin bends, sometimes in the rainy season small rocks used to fall on the road along with gushing water, some places one can't see more than 10ft away on account of mist. Lovely flowers, sparkling streams making gurgling sound as they flow by, tea gardens spreading a green canopy all over the hills, tall eucalyptus trees swaying wildly with the blowing wind. These are memories of long time ago. I wonder when I will get the freedom to move about freely and see the beautiful places all over India.

At the moment I will content myself with the visual beauty of your beautiful photos and your excellent narration of your trip to different places.

Enjoy yourself Sana:) You make me jealous:)

A New Beginning said...

Thanks Mr. Joseph, your description tells me that I missed on a lot..may be four days werent enough..would love to go to kerela some day..hope the day comes soon:)
Thanks for the wonderful description!!Hope you take out some time for yourself too!Take care!

Rush said...

this has been the best post of all the travel ones.
Loved the Yak ...man, i have never seen it for real.
Horse ride, awesome girl...fab..where are your pictures...i have seen you ya...not fair.

i think i have been to the chini bunglow too....but this was way before when i was very little.
White wolf?? sahi.
Noodles for dinner in a hill station...ekdum aish.
more pictures, i want some with you...please...please

Rush said...

we should both plan a travel trip together sometime...maybe once i permanently move back to India....it will b fun, loved ur describe...how the day never got exhausting in the arms of nature...u r awesome Sana.loved this travelogue.

A New Beginning said...

That would be fun RUSH:) Come back soon, will wait for you!!